The covid pandemic is still not over and we need to take precautions in all circumstances, especially when we are travelling somewhere. Many countries have already removed travel restrictions and people are free to travel within or outside the country.

However, the availability of various vaccines has significantly reduced the risks but not everyone is vaccinated yet, hence it’s still important to act on all safety measures as suggested by the World Health Organization.

If we specifically talk about Pakistan then the country is still at huge risk due to lack of precautions. In recent months, the Covid positivity rate for many big cities was around 10%. To keep yourself and your dear ones safe, here are a few things to consider while travelling during the pandemic.

#1: Check Requirements and Restrictions

Many countries and local cities have certain restrictions in place, especially for outsiders and tourists. Some might require you to be vaccinated while others may look for a corona test certificate to ensure that you are in good health. So, make sure you already know all the restrictions before you make up your mind to travel to a certain place.

#2: Maintain Distance & Wear Mask

These two are the most basic yet necessary things that you must follow while travelling. Maintaining a 6 feet distance is necessary for all public and private spaces. Also, carry multiple masks while you travel. Do not keep wearing a single mask if you are travelling long distances. Also, avoid touching your mask again and again to minimize the risk of catching a virus.

#3: Check Covid Rate for your Destination

Plan your visits safely after assessing the Covid-19 rate of your destination. If the positivity rate is higher than expected then you can delay your visit or if your visit is necessary then take proper safety precautions and carry all the necessary items such as extra masks, sanitizers, and safety gloves.

#4: Mode of your Travelling

If you are moving from one city to the other then it’s recommended to use your own private transport and drive yourself to the destination. If you are travelling by plane then consider yourself safe as Air companies tend to follow restrictions more strictly than any other mode of travelling.

#5: Stay away from Rushy Areas

Even if you are strictly following all the restrictions and wearing a mask, still you are exposed to Covid-19 risk. If you are not vaccinated yet then make sure to stay away from all the gatherings and rushy places to protect yourself from the threat.

#6: Prevent eating at Public Restaurants

If you are eating out then you are more than exposed to Covid as restaurants serve many people throughout the day and their chairs, tables, door handles, plates, or even spoons might become a carrier for CoronaVirus, Hence, it’s better to stay away and order your food through online delivery apps.

#7: Keep Washing your Hands

If you are not isolated then make sure to use your sanitizer to clean your hands because your hands might be exposed to the Virus, hence clean it off before it reaches your lungs while eating food or touching your nose.

#8: Make Packing List

Pack all the Covid-19 essentials to stay safe during and after your trip. These include wet wipes, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, face masks, thermometers. If you are feeling sick then avoid travelling and get your Corona test done immediately.

#9: Limit Contact

While you are roaming around the city, try not to touch anything such as door handles, side rails, etc. Keep sanitizing your hands after every few minutes to clean off any germs on your hands and enjoy your trip without any threat.

#10: Prioritize Safety

Always remember that your safety is the utmost priority in all circumstances. Try to avoid any activities that may expose you to the risk of catching CoronaVirus. Avoid handshakes and keep your distance because it is the wisest thing to do. Stay safe and keep travelling with precautions.