Pakistan is known for being a mesmerizing tourism destination all over the world. Besides the mighty mountains in the northern areas, Pakistan has some beautiful hidden places across the coastline of Balochistan. Many beaches across the coastline of Balochistan province reflect a breathtaking sight. We have discovered some of the best beaches of Balochistan that can undoubtedly become your perfect tourism destination.

The province of Balochistan is blessed with beautiful beaches that have not been revealed to the world. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area, where many secluded spots have not been visited much, even by most Pakistani locals.

The crystal-clear water hitting the beaches of Balochistan surrounded by the Mountains presents you with a heavenly sight that competes with the European tourism spots. The weather at beaches of Balochistan may reach as low as 1 degree Celsius during the winters, so the best time to visit beaches at the coastline of Balochistan is during the low tide season (September to March).

However, due to the lack of some modern-day facilities, many beaches in Balochistan lack tourism attractions. The 770KM coastline of Balochistan extending from Karachi to the Border of Iran covers many developed and underdeveloped picnic spots, including beaches.

The Provincial Government of Balochistan is doing its best to make Balochistan a tourism spot with the help of development projects like hotels and telecommunication technology. CPEC has also played a significant role in giving Balochistan global recognition for sightseeing and tourist attraction.

Best Beaches to Visit in Balochistan

We have listed the names of the most beautiful beaches and locations of Balochistan; you must visit to witness the magnificent creations of nature.

1. Astola

Astola lies in the Arabian sea, on the east side of Pasni District, Balochistan. It is also Pakistan’s first Marine Protected area, and it is home to numerous marine species, including green turtles, dolphins, and fishes of various species.

Astola Islands

Astola Island is the largest Island of Pakistan, situated 25 Km off the Balochistan Province coast. Astola Island is also called “The Island of Seven Hills’ ‘ as it consists of seven small hills. The highest point on Astola Island is 246ft above sea level, and the area of the Island is 67 KM.


The Island gives a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea, and the best thing about this location is that it is free of pollution as Astola Island has no population on it. So, If you are willing to visit the Island, you may have to bring your supplies.

To reach Astola Island, you may have to take motor boats from Pasni, which is about 3-4 hours of journey. If you are willing to travel from Karachi, it may take almost 7 hours to reach Pasni, from where you can acquire a boat to travel further.

Due to no population, the Island tends to maintain its original form. A great view can be witnessed from the top of the hills where you can reach by hiking. The open Arabian sea with water hitting the shores changing colors gives a magical feeling.

While standing on the Astola Island beach, you can view the seven mountains and the artistry of nature in the form of giant rocks. It’s an excellent spot for Scuba divers and anglers.

2. Gadani

Gadani is a small coastal village of Lasbela District, Southern part of Balochistan. Gadani is 46 Kilometer away from Karachi, which is an approximate 1-hour drive. There is a small population of minorities to be found in this town.

Gadani Beach

Gadani Beach is also known as one of the largest ship breaking yards in the world. The hard Rocky Mountains surround the beach. It is a well-known picnic spot as Gadani beach is also one of the closest beaches from Karachi.

Gadni Beach

Although mountains surround Gadani beach, the white sand on the beach is clean. Therefore it is safe to walk bare feet. The high rocks on the coast of Gadani bleach splash waves and create a beautiful view to witness. The sunset view and the sound of waves give you a peaceful sensation. It is an ideal picnic spot for family and friends.

Moreover, it is also close to civilization. Gadani coast resembles Karachi’s coast, yet Gadani beach is a much cleaner destination. Numerous tourists pay a visit from nearby places as the place is crowded during Holidays.

3. Gwadar

Gwadar is known as the capital of South Balochistan. Gwadar is becoming one of the world’s famous destinations due to multiple reasons, including its beautiful sightseeing and a hub for great investment opportunities. From Karachi, Gwadar is 630KM far, and it might take more than 7 hours of drive. It is a beautiful yet developed destination for tourists.

Gwadar Beach

Gwadar beach is known for its clear blue sea and red sand, which gives a beautiful view in the evening. Gwadar Beach is becoming one of the top attraction points for tourists from both local and international communities.

Gwadar Beach

High mountains are found on the coast of Gwadar beach, representing a mighty sight. The greenish-blue water gives a beautiful view of the sunset. Natural water resources and waterfalls are also found, which increase the beauty of this place.

Gwadar Bay

Gwadar Bay is becoming a hub of extensive investment opportunities. Gwadar port got recognition due to the influence of CPEC, which also became a purpose of its development towards a prosperous area. Sangar housing scheme gives a mesmerizing view as it is situated at the top of the hill covered by clean blue water.

Gwadar Bay

4. Jiwani

Jiwani is a commercial town situated in Gwadar district along the Gulf of Oman. It is a populated town closer to the Iranian border at a distance of 34 Kilometers. Jiwani carries a history with World War II, and remains can be found in the area as the location was used for an airfield by the British force.

Jiwani Beach

Jiwani Bay

Jiwani bay is located on the easter side of Gwadar Bay. Jiwani also has a recognition for the Victoria Hut, which was built for the visit of Queen Victoria, who wanted to witness the sunset at Jiwani Bay. The Victoria Hut remained as a souvenir and has been maintained by the Coast guard.

Jiwani Bay

It’s a breathtaking place with high mountains and clear blue water hitting the shores of the bay. Jiwani Bay is an attractive tourist spot for the people of Karachi and locals of Balochistan as well. In the upcoming days, Jiwani bay is expected to become a successful commercial point for Pakistan.

5. Ormara

Ormara is situated on Makran coastal highway between Karachi and Gwadar. Ormara is a populated city where means of civilization and transportation can be easily found. Ormara is four hours away from Karachi at a distance of 347 Kilometer.

Ahsan Beach

Ahsan beach is a vast clean plain that gives you a comprehensive view of the Arabian sea with pristine blue water hitting the sand. It seems more like a secluded place, although it’s a peaceful spot to relax. It is known for the Intelligence Naval base operated by the Pakistan Navy, built in honor of Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan.

Ahsan Beach

Ormara Beach

Ormara beach has a vast coastal beach that gives a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea. The most famous spots are Ormara Hammerhead beach and Ormara turtle beach. Ormara hammerhead gives you a comprehensive view of both desert and the beach in one wide sight.

Ormara Beach

From the aerial view, it presents the shape of a hammer covering both water and land. It is 7 meters above sea level. Ormara beach is well known for tourist activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and swimming.

Kund Malir

This beach resembles the desert as it is situated near Hingol national park. Kund Malir is listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world. The journey from Ormara to Kund Malir is worth its time. You will witness the most beautiful landscape and clean water at the beach.

Kund Malir

However, Kund Malir beach lacks the necessities further zero-points such as petrol, internet facility or hotels.

6. Sonmiani

Sonmiani is situated in the South-East region of Balochistan near Hub. It is 90 Kilometers away from Karachi, which takes almost 2 hours of drive to reach the destination.

Sonmiani Beach

Sonmiani beach is known for its clean and pure water. Sonmiani Beach is also known as the 4th deep seaport of Pakistan. The golden sand with the clear blue water is an attractive site for tourists.

Sonmiani Beach

This beach is known for being clean and beautiful, standing as one of the best beaches in Pakistan. Although, like many other beaches at the coast of Balochistan, it also lacks necessities and services due to being undeveloped.

7. Surbandar

Surbandar is a well-known and beautiful fishing spot of Gwadar. Due to being a part of Gwadar, it’s still out of reach of residents of Karachi as they may have to travel for about 7 hours by road.

Surbandar Beachside

Surbandar beachside gives a view of numerous fishers and their boats wandering to catch fish in the sea. It is 25 KM away from the city of Gwadar. A flock of seagulls is the sign of Surbandar beachside, where thousands of anglers wander to catch fish.

Surbandar Beachside

You may find a wide range of seafood, including lobsters and prawns, here. The government facilitates fishers at Surbandar Beachside so they can provide their services.

8. Sapat Beach

Sapat Beach is one of the unexplored beaches waiting to be visited at the coastline of Balochistan. Sapat beach is located on the Makran coast and seems like a hidden place. Sapat beach is a long sandy beach with off-road tracks.

You will find beautiful and legitimate rock formations at this sight which appears as something of the world’s wonder. It’s an unexplored beach of Buji Koh with rough tracks.

Sapat Beach

The water thrashing at these rocks gives a sight out of this world. The beach itself seems like a piece of heaven. Summers bring hot springs and high tides; therefore, it is not recommended to visit the place. Although the site is far away and lacks communication means, you may have to discover the area by following landmarks. The closest landmarks are Chandragup which is an hour away from Sapat Beach.

Beaches To Visit In Balochistan FAQs

How many beaches are near Karachi?

Sonmiani and Gadani are the nearest beaches to Karachi. Gadani is more of an attraction for tourists during holidays and weekends as it resembles the beaches of Karachi.

Is there a sea in Balochistan?

Balochistan witnessed the Arabian Sea, which is met at the Southern Coastline of Pakistan.

How many beaches are in Pakistan?

There are 12 exotic beaches on the coastline of Pakistan, among which many are yet to be discovered and explored. The shoreline of Balochistan includes beaches of Astola Islands Gaddani, Gwadar, Jiwani, Ormara, Kund Malir, and Sonmiani.


Pakistan is blessed with beautiful landmarks and locations that are famous all around the world for tourism and sightseeing. Many places, including the beaches of Balochistan, are lovely, and yet they have not been revealed to the world. Proper attention and development of these fantastic beaches can help promote tourism and give the world a chance to recognize the beauty of Pakistan.