Every country has its laws and regulations governing the issuance of passports.

However, if you plan to travel to Pakistan with a passport that is about to expire, you might be surprised that you cannot travel to Pakistan using that passport.

You can get a new passport or national identity card in Pakistan.

Can I Travel To Pakistan With Expired Nadra Card

Overseas Pakistanis who have lost their NICOP/POC should get it renewed before they enter the country.

As mentioned before, if there is no renewal slip, then it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever get a landing permit in Pakistan.

Emergency Travel Document

An Emergency Travel Document is issued to a Pakistani national for travelling back to Pakistan only in extreme emergency cases when his/her Pakistani passport is not available or he/she is not eligible for issuance of a new passport/renewal of his passport.

This document will be issued to you if it’s found that there’s a genuine emergency.

Do you need a Nadra card to go to Pakistan?

Overseas Pakistanis are eligible to apply for a National Identity Card (NIC). It’s easy to apply for a NIC and can be applied for and obtained even by dual nationals.

What if my CNIC is expired?

Whether your CNIC is about to expire or not, you should apply for it as soon as possible. Most of the CNIC renewal processes take about 10 to 15 days.

In order to avoid any hassle in case of a delay, you can also contact the concerned authorities and ask them to renew your CNIC as soon as possible.

Can I renew my Pakistani ID card online?

Yes, you can renew your Pakistani ID card online.

Pakistan’s new citizen identity card (CNIC) application and renewals are very simple and convenient with NADRA’s online service.

The online service is available for both residents and non-residents of Pakistan. You can renew your CNIC online through the official website of NADRA or you can apply for a new CNIC online through NADRA’s website.

Do I need a Covid test to enter Pakistan?

For the safety of our passengers and crew members, all individuals who have a positive COVID-19 test are prohibited from flying, and their names will be removed from our passenger manifest.

To qualify for the seasonal flu shot, you must have had a positive test within the last three months.

If you don’t qualify for the seasonal flu shot, you can get a free COVID-19 test at a walk-in clinic or an urgent care centre, or through your primary care physician, or at a local health department.

Can I travel to Pakistan with an expired Pakistani passport?

In short, while you could technically enter Pakistan, you won’t be able to travel to the country, so you’ll need to renew your passport.

Pakistanis from other nations can freely visit their homeland without having Pakistani passports if they apply for it.

Can US Citizens Travel to Pakistan Without A Visa?

Yes. All US citizens must get their visas prior to traveling to Pakistan. Visit our website to find more information.

If you are planning to visit Pakistan, make sure that you obtain a valid visa in advance. You could face fines, arrests, deportation, and even imprisonment.

How long can a US citizen stay in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s visa is valid for one person for a maximum stay of three months.

People who live in countries in Central Asia may use their old passports or national IDs to get a multiple entry visa to visit Canada.