Chilam Joshi Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the Kalash people of the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as North-West Frontier Province) of Pakistan.

It is celebrated annually on the last day of the rainy season. The festival marks the beginning of the summer season. It is one of the oldest and most significant festivals in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The Mid-May Festival has been held every year since the town’s founding.

It was initially established to commemorate the coming of spring, but as the festival has continued, it has evolved into a time to celebrate the beginning of summer.

The festival is an excellent opportunity for people from the surrounding area to come together and celebrate their heritage and culture.

Kalash Folk Dance

During the festival, the people of Kalash pray for the safety of their fields and animals. They also adore the music and dance to the beat of drums.

The festival lasts for about two weeks and is held every year.

The Kalash is a community of people from the region of Chitral in Pakistan. They are known for their distinct culture and their unique customs and traditions.

Kalash people enjoy music, art, and dance festivals.

Kalash Folk Dance

The Kalash culture has been preserved over the years because of its love for music and dance. They have a unique culture where women and men dance together simultaneously.

About The People & Culture Of Kalash

One of the most important attractions of Pakistan Cultural Festivals is Kalash Valleys Festivals.

The Kalash Valleys of Rumbur, Bunboret, and Birir are in the Chitral District of the NorthWest.

Kalash Folk Dance

The people here are non-Muslims who live hundreds of miles away. The home of kafir Kalash, a primitive pagan tribe that wore the black rose.

 There is much we do not know about our ancestors and the history of our world. There is much mystery and wonder in our past.

Wooden Graveyard
Kalash Wooden Graveyard – Photo by @TehsinRazi

The Kalash people have lived in the Chitral region for years and are a great example of Pakistan’s diversity of cultures and traditions. Their culture is unique and an amazing one.

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