Cookies Statement

We want to make it as convenient, practical, and useful as possible for you to use our services. We use cookies and similar technology to help us do this to enhance your experience, improve site protection, and show you relevant ads.

What do cookies mean?

Cookies are tiny text files that when you visit almost every website, are automatically installed on your browser. Your internet browser records them and provides essential information about your use of the internet. Any time you revisit the website, your browser transfers these cookies back to the website, so that it can remember your computer and boost your experience by providing you with customized content, among other items. To recall your log-in data, we also use cookies, so that you do not have to re-enter them frequently while you use our services. Certain cookies assist us in knowing your interests.

The cookies that we use fell under three classifications.

Category Example 
CrucialTo help you navigate and travel through the website and use all its functionality, these cookies are required. The website would not function properly without these cookies, and you would be unable to access those essential features. We use a cookie, for example, to keep you signed in during your visit, so the site does not need you to log in regularly for multiple pages to be viewed. For spam identification and prevention purposes, we may also use essential cookies. You cannot use the Cookie Consent Tool to delete necessary cookies, since such cookies are mandatory for you to enter and utilize the website’s functionality.
Analytics and Tailoring

To help us understand how the website is being used and how we can enrich your experience, we use these cookies. These cookies will provide us with information to help us understand which sections of the website are of interest to our visitors and if any errors occur. To validate various templates and functionality for our pages, we use these cookies and we also use them to help us track how people access the website.

We also use cookies to store your settings and website habits, such as language preferences, and previously entered information while looking for travel choices. Some cookies for customization are necessary if you choose to use those website functionalities.


Advertising cookies help to ensure that the ads you see are as important as possible to you. Some ads cookies, for instance, help pick advertisements which are based on your preferences. Others help to stop the continuous reappearance of the same ad for you.

To make it easier to share content from the website with your friends via your favorite social networks, we even use cookies. Social networking sites can set cookies that remember you when browsing website content and allow you to use sharing settings to share content across both the website and the social media site. Please check the terms of use and privacy policies of your social media site for additional information.

We also partner with third-party advertisers to provide you with access to travel material that may be of interest to you and may set cookies on our Services to provide you with advertisements that suit your tastes and preferences. More commonly, these “third-party cookies” gather details about your online habits and contact with advertisers or services. This data also lets us restrict the number of times you can see the same commercials and maximize your shopping experience.


Tool for Cookie Consent

We provide you with a Cookie Consent Tool to grant you access, which helps you to search the first-party and third-party cookies put on our website and change your cookie settings, including whether or not to approve those cookies.

Via the “Cookie Consent” link at the bottom of either page or in our cookie banner, you can use the Cookie Consent Feature by clicking here or at any time. Also, through the internet browser preferences, you can handle cookies. When you get a new cookie, you can make the browser alert you, remove individual cookies or delete all cookies.

If you uninstall your cookies, there could be degraded or limited access to those functions and areas of our Services.

Our use of any information obtained by cookies shall be subject to this Statement, which shall be connected to each page of our website.