The famous five deserts of Pakistan include the largest thar desert, thal desert, cholistan desert, Kharan desert and Katpana desert. The culture, festivals are given in the article.

Beautiful Desert View

Pakistan is a country rich in natural beauty. From mountain peaks to valleys and lush green landscapes to deserts everything is present in Pakistan. If you are looking to know about the famous deserts of Pakistan, given below is the article to help you explore the deserts of Pakistan.

The major deserts of Pakistan are mentioned in the table below:

Deserts of PakistanLocation of Deserts of Pakistan
Thar DesertSindh
Thal DesertPunjab
Katpana DesertSkardu
Cholistan DesertSouthern Part of punjab
Kharan DesertBalochistan

Pakistan has many famous tourist attraction spots. Tourists adventuring other places in Pakistan also love to explore the deserts of Pakistan.

1. Thar Desert

Thar Desert

The Thar desert also known as the Great Indian Desert is split in between India and Pakistan. The desert is located in eastern Pakistan and the Rajasthan state of India. The inhabitants of the Thar desert belong to different religions. The occupation of the people is agriculture, farming and livestock.

Festivals & Events of Thar Desert 

People celebrate desert festivals and events each year.Locals and Tourists enjoy these cultural festivals. One of the most famous festivals is organized in winter where people wearing  cultural costumes dance and sing the ballads of romance and tragedy. 

Moreover, the events of snake charmers, puppeteers and acrobats are also organized by the locals regularly. These events along with music and dance continue till late at night. The event ends at the night of the full moon by the dunes.

Sanctuary of Endangered Species 

The Thar desert is also a sanctuary of the endangered flora and fauna. The Narra Wildlife Sanctuary of Mirpurkhas contains the large population of the mugger crocodile in Pakistan. 

Another one is the Rann of Kutch located in Badin district is an important Bird area. Rann of Kutch also consists of the mammals, reptiles and plant species. The Thar desert is an amazing place consisting of camels, music, dance, peacocks, art and culture.

So, if you are planning your next tour to Thar desert, remember to bring your own camping gears, sleeping bags, a few of the prescribed medicines, and first-aid kits.

2. Thal Desert

The third largest desert of Pakistan is located between the Jhelum and Sindh rivers in the southern part of Punjab province. 50% of the desert is covered by dunes.The desert covers the districts of Bhakkar, Khushab, Mianwali, Layyah, Muzaffargarh and a part of Jhang.

The desert resembles the thar and cholistan desert in geographical views.  The months of February and March are abundant in greenery.

Whereas, June is the hottest month with a temperature of 34 degrees. The people of the Thal desert speak Saraiki, Urdu and Thalachi language. The occupation of the people is livestock herding.

Annual Event of the Thal desert

Thal desert is famous due to the  jeep rally festival held each year. A large number of people from all over Pakistan participate in this race. Apart from the events, Thal desert is a great place for touring.

The breathtaking view of the dunes and the canopy of blue skies in the background gives a very mesmerising scene for photography.

3. Katpana Desert

One of the most popular tourist destinations and is located near the city of Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan. Katpana desert is also known as the Cold desert and the highest desert of the world with a height of 2226 meters.

The magnificent view of white sand dunes covered with snow is an amazing sight to witness.The temperature in the desert falls to -25 in the winter during the months of December and January. For tourists, Katpana desert is a great place to enjoy the mesmerizing nights of the desert.

You can also avail the campsite named as the Glamp Pakistan for accomodation and meals. Katpana desert is surrounded by amazing places to visit in skardu. The valleys, green landscapes and meadows are worth-visiting in the northern area of Pakistan.

4. Cholistan Desert

The Cholistan desert also named as the Rohi is located in the southern Punjab near Bahawalpur.

The desert covers an area of 25,800 km in the districts of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan. In the ancient years, Cholistan desert was a fertile land with water reservoirs. The famous Derawar Fort is also located in the Cholistan desert and is a great tourist spot.

The inhabitants speak Saraiki language and their occupation is agriculture and livestock. The Cholistan desert is also famous due to the cotton, wool and leather products. The leather is obtained from the goats, sheep and camels.

Jeep Rally of Cholistan Desert

The largest motor festival of Pakistan is also held in Cholistan every year. The Jeep rally event is organized by the local authorities and a large number of people participate in this festival.

5. Kharan Desert

Kharan desert also named as the Sandy desert is located in the Balochistan province. Kharan desert is famous due to the nuclear testing, Chagai II held on 30 May 1998.

A number of communities reside in the Kharan but Balochi culture is dominant and people love to celebrate the Balochi culture, food, music and traditional long dresses. The Kharan desert has a dry climate. People earn through agriculture and farming.

Moreover, the region is also famous due to the hand-made rug and carpets. The overall population of the region is 0.23 million. Kharan desert is one of the historical places in Pakistan, if you are planning a tour don’t forget to visit this desert and the surrounding beaches in Balochistan.

Deserts of Pakistan FAQs

How many deserts are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan consists of Five major deserts. Thar desert, Thal desert, Katpana desert, Cholistan desert and Kharan desert.

Which is the largest desert of Pakistan?

Thar is the largest desert of Pakistan located in Sindh and also extended to the Rajasthan state of india.


Pakistan is a country rich in scenic beauty. Apart from the green lands, Pakistan is also a home to the famous deserts. Five major deserts of Pakistan are Thar desert, Thal desert, Katpana desert, Cholistan desert and Kharan desert.

These deserts have their own cultural and historical values. Large number of tourists visit the deserts each year to witness the culture, art and beauty of the deserts consisting of dunes and annual festivals.