Terms & Conditions:

  1. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time without prior notice.
  2. The tour guide has the right to allocate seats.
  3. Immoral conduct or misbehaving with organizers, team members, or participants is strictly prohibited.
  4. Smoking in the transport vehicle is strictly not allowed under any circumstances.
  5. Females should be given special respect and privacy privileges in all circumstances.
  6. Members must have prior permission before taking pictures of other members, especially females.
  7. If found guilty of taking pictures without consent, the memory card will be confiscated permanently.
  8. Local norms and traditions should be respected at all times.
  9. Members will be accountable for any garbage they generate. Please show the sign of being an educated nation.
  10. Environmental care is a must. No garbage will be disposed of. Keep wrappers and empty bottles with you and dispose of them properly.
  11. Arrival and departure timings can differ from those originally mentioned due to unforeseen circumstances, and we will not be responsible for such delays.

Evacuation and Rescue in Emergencies:
In the event of emergencies requiring evacuation and rescue, clients are responsible for any associated costs.

Personal Insurance of Clients:
Clients are strongly advised to have personal insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances during the tour.

Other Expenses of Personal Nature:
Any expenses of a personal nature, not explicitly included in the tour package, are the responsibility of the clients.

Extra Expenses Due to Landslides/Road Blocks:
Clients should be prepared for extra expenses that may arise due to landslides, roadblocks, or similar unforeseen circumstances.

Extra Expenses Due to Acts of Nature & Political Reasons:
Clients may incur additional expenses resulting from acts of nature, political reasons, or other unforeseen events beyond our control.


  1. Team members will not be responsible for the theft of personal items.
  2. Keep your belongings under your supervision at all times.
  3. We are not responsible for delays due to Acts of God, political reasons, or unavoidable circumstances.
  4. We shall not be held responsible for any insurance claims in case of accidents.
  5. All activities shall be done by members at their own risk.