Traveling across the globe and exploring new places is the best kind of meditation that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Pakistan is one of the most gifted countries in the world of its cultural and historic footprints.

Pakistan is famous in the world for its beautiful places and landscapes that look like the piece of heaven on the earth

Pakistan is full of historical landmarks that possess a great history inside them. The province of Sindh Is especially filled with tombs, parks, mosques, and shrines that present deep cultural and religious values. You can visit them and relive the history.

Such rare work of art is very hard to miss. Pakistan is making leaps and bounds in success when it comes to tourism. People from all around the globe make sure they visit and absorb the magnificence of this rich historical country.Sindh province has its unique significance historically and culturally.

You will find one of the most traditional artworks here that must be visited at least once.

Kirthar National Park, Dadu

If you are interested in watching wild animals and birds live in action you are going to love kirthar national park situated in the heart of kirthar mountains in the city of Karachi and jamshoro District Sindh. This place’s historical significance is prime as it is the second-largest national park in Pakistan and it was founded in 1974. This is considered the best amusement park in Karachi, Sindh province. 

Mir shahdad Jo Qubo, Sanghar

The tomb of Mir Shahzad Talpur is one of the monuments of great importance situated in the territory of Sindh. This is the graveyard of the bravest and daring military commanders in the 12th century.

They fought against all odds and made high names for themselves.  This tomb is situated in shahpur chakar city of sanghar District in Sindh.

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Shrine, Sehwan

When Talking about a great holy religious people one name always pops up which is lal shehbaz qalandar. His original name was Hazrat Syed Usman Marwandi.  He was born from 1177 till 1274.

In his long meaningful life, he preached love and patience among all religions. His message was of peace and property for all. Not only Muslim people from every religion are connected to this pious and Nobel man.

The shrine’s gilded dome was replaced in 1994 His name is a great representation of what he stood for in his life. Lal symbolises the clothes he wore, shehbaz was the presentation of his nobleness and qalandar as he was always moving from place to place in the quest to spread the Holy message.

The shrine of lal shehbaz qalander is one of the most religiously visited and liked places in Pakistan. People visit the shrine in huge quantities during the time of yours. This shrine is a piece of history that spreads the message of love and togetherness even after centuries of his departure.

Rani Kot Fort, Jamshoro District

Rani Kot Fort also holds great historical value as it is one of the longest Fort in the world. It is spread over almost 32 kilometers. It’s a structure of great magnificence. It is also known as the great wall of Sindh. This Fort was founded in 1812 and is standing since.

People from all over the globe come to visit it and applaud its greatness.  This historical Fort was built by the Pakistani Talpur dynasty. This legendary Fort is often compared with the great wall of China.

UNESCO world heritage tour near Karachi

If you want to explore further in the outer area of Sindh province you would be totally blown away by the three UNESCO world heritage sites that have high significance historically. 

If you like to drive and move 100 kilometers east you are going to find Chaukhandi tomb, Makli Necropolis, and Shah Jehan Mosque. These three sites have given tourists a great heritage experience.

We will give you a little detail about all three sites individually.

Chaukhandi tomb

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, this chaukhandi tomb was built about 29 kilometers east of Karachi in the province of Sindh.  Once you visit this chaukhandi tomb you see the great story being told of great worriers who showed bravery and courage to defend their cause.

In between the pyramids, the tomb is standing on high ground which symbolises the greatness of  Saloch family that’s buried inside.

Shah jahan mosque

From a historical and old heritage point of view, nothing in the province of Sindh can top shah Jahan mosque. The history of this is very Rich and the contribution of the great emperor shah jahan can not be described in words.

After getting impressed by the warm nature of Sindhi people emperor decided to gift the people so he made sure to create a mosque that will stand tall for years to come.

The most creative and long-lasting tile work with blue and brick colors gives the mosque an eternal uniqueness and a sense of calm. The mosque is created in such a way that the echo of azan can be heard throughout the structure.  The tike work is unmatched still.


Mohenjo-daro got its historical significance from the fact that it is the largest city ever existed since the ancient Indus Valley civilization existed in the 26th century.

It also increases in its value as Mohenjo-daro city shares its border with Iran and Gujrat in India. You will be able to find multiple significant buildings in the city that you can visit like Great Ganary.

Kot Diji Fort

You might know this Kot Digi Fort by the name of Fort of Ahmedabad. This Fort was built in the 18th century during Talpur era. You will be totally astonished while visiting this Fort as it is a built-in 110-foot-tall high hill. Fort itself is a grand structure with 30 feet high walls.

Banbhore Fort

This city is the heaven for archaeologists as it was built goes to the 1st century BCE that comes in the territory of Singh Pakistan.  Historians that have visited and studied the city and its old heritage connect its existence With the era of Muhammad bin Qasim a great Arab emperor.

Historical places in Sindh FAQs

How many historical places are there in Sindh? 

Around 1600 historical sites and monuments are protected under the province of Sindh protected bt Sindh heritage act. While 1200 are those that are not under the act and unprotected.

Which is the most historical place in Sindh?

Sindh has a lot of historical places like Mohenjo-daro,  Mazar-e-Quaid, and many more.

Who ruled Sindh?

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Sindh has ruled by Mughals, and afterward many independent sindhian dynasties.  Their reign ended when the British came and took charge in 1843.


Pakistan is filled with the most beautiful places in the world. Especially the province of Sindh Is full of the rich heritage that must be visited once in a lifetime.  You can have an unforgettable experience visiting the historical sites that stay in your memory for a long time.