There are many beautiful places to visit in Pakistan, but one of the most stunning is the valley of Swat.

The landscape is dotted with snow-capped mountains and rushing rivers, and it’s home to a variety of cultural and historical attractions.

If you are planning a trip to this fantastic region, be sure to check out some of the best hotels in Swat.

Whether you are looking for luxurious accommodation or something more affordable, there’s something for everyone.

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Best hotels in swat 2024

Let’s review the cheap hotels in Swat below;

1. Hotel Swat Regency – Best For Outdoor Terraces

You’ll feel like you have stepped into a time machine when walking through the doors of Swat Regency Hotel. This hotel has been designed with an old-world charm and elegant yet modern design to make your stay in this beautiful city even more memorable.

The standard double room at the Swat Regency is perfect for travellers who want a basic but comfortable place to sleep.

Hotel Swat Regency

It has all of your necessities with soundproofing and light fixtures that turn on when needed, so you will never be awakened by guests in nighttime activities outside of yours or other unwanted interruptions like barking dogs.

Why should you stay here?

The Swat Regency hotel is the perfect destination for travelers looking to experience all that this scenic city has to offer.

The hotel provides guests with 24-hour front desk service, restaurant food, and drinks, a private charged parking lot as well an outdoor terrace where you can relax while taking in views of modern architecture from one of our many glassed-in rooms or balconies.

Rate: PKR 8600

2. Hotel Park Way Swat – Best Cheap Hotel

Hotel Parkway is a great spot to stay while you’re in the Swat region. It is located right off of Fizaghat, making it easy for guests who want access to public transport and their car.
Unlimited power banks are available at this hotel, too, perfect if your phone needs constantly charging.

Hotel Park Way Swat

Why should you stay here?

The rooms here come equipped with all the comforts of home, including free WiFi as well, so nothing is standing between your productivity at work or school.

Just pure relaxation after some time away from campus life.

Rate: PKR 3600

3. Swat View Hotel

It is no wonder that the Swat View Hotel is one of Pakistan’s most popular hotels on booking websites. With beautiful views and delicious food, this place has it all.

The Swat view hotel is located on N-95, just off the famous Kalam road in Mingora.

Swat View Hotel

The lush green valley and beautiful scenery make this location perfect for visitors who want to get away from the hustle bustles of city life while still being close enough if they need supplies or emergency services.

Why Should You Stay Here?

There are many things to do in Swat Town, but if you want a good place for relaxation, visit our hotel.

They provide excellent service with a 24/7 front desk. The laundry facility is on-site alongside the conference hall, which can be used as an event space or just a luxurious reception area during your stay here at The Swat View Hotel.

Rate: PKR 4000

4. Hill City Hotel, Swat – Best Scenic view

The Mingora Hill City Hotel is a welcoming 2-star hotel in the hills of Mam Derai.

This mountain retreat offers travelers everything they need for an unforgettable stay, especially when you consider that i is only minutes away from some incredible nearby attractions.

Hill City Hotel, Swat

Why should you stay here?

Hill City Hotel is the perfect place to stay on your next visit. Not only does it have an ironing facility, but there are many other amenities available, including 24-hour room service and free wifi.

Rate: PKR 4500

5. Almas Hotel, Swat

The new ALMA’s Hotel Mingora provides all modern amenities for the comfort of our esteemed clients, so they can enjoy their stay and make it a memorable one.

Almas Hotel, Swat

They have beautifully designed rooms equipped with everything from bathtubs right down to king-sized beds.

Why should you stay here?

All guest rooms at ALMAS HOTEL MINGORA SWAT come equipped with a flat-screen TV. This hotel has everything you need for a great stay in Swat with private bathrooms.

Rate: PKR 2500

6. Hilton Palace, Swat

Located in Swat, Hotel Hilton Palace features a relaxing environment with 3-star accommodation.

Enjoy your private balcony and air conditioning while staying at this hotel that provides you the comforts of home.

The best thing about traveling can be found here.

Hilton Palace, Swat

Experience peace of mind knowing our guests are always satisfied by their stay for business or leisure visits.
Book Now to start experiencing all these luxuries today.

Why should you stay here?

The hotel offers a wardrobe in each room and flat-screen TVs. One benefit of staying here is an outdoor terrace for relaxing on.

Rate: PKR 7317

7. Pearl Continental Hotel, Swat – Best Expensive

The Pearl-Continental Hotel Malam Jabba is a beautiful hotel, perfect for families and friends on vacation.

The views of the Hindu Kush Mountains are stunning from every window in this property.

Pearl Continental Hotel, Swat

Whether you want to embark on an adventure or enjoy some peace and quiet among nature’s beauty, there is something here that will satisfy your interests.

Why should you stay here?

You’re in for a real treat with the Pearl-Continental Hotel Malam Jabba! Alongside your room, you will get all of these amenities: bathroom supplies and cosmetics, a hairdryer, safe to store any essential items.

They provide an electric reclining chair for more comfort throughout your stay, where our friendly staff can also set up meetings if needed.

Rate: PKR 28700

8. Continental Hotel, Swat – Luxury at Affordable Price

The Continental Hotel is the best deal in Swat. Its affordable prices and amenities make it an obvious choice for those who want to save a little cash, which is not challenging with 29 rooms on offer.

Swat Continental Hotel

Swat continental hotel offers a variety of amenities to ensure guests have everything they need while on their trip.

You can enjoy free WiFi, breakfast, and dinner at two different restaurants on the property.

Why shroud you stay here?

The Swat Continental Hotel offers luxurious accommodations with all the comforts of home. The hotel’s rooms come equipped with free WiFi and sound insulation, in addition to other amenities such as 24-hour room service.

Rate: PKR 2000

9. Shelton’s Rezidor, Swat

The Shelton Rezidor hotel is a luxurious and peaceful place just off Highway in Mingora. It is got two different areas for guests.

Shelton’s Rezidor, Swat

An elegant garden where you can enjoy the scenery or head downstairs into your private terrace with awe-inspiring views of Swat Valley.

Why should you stay here?

Your hotel room comes equipped with free on-the-go breakfast from 7:30 AM to 11 AM. Grab a quick bite before heading out for a day, or start your morning by indulging in something sweet substantial.

24 Hour Room Service is available if you are looking for some late-night grub after an evening supper.

Rate: PKR 8000

10. Serena Hotel, Swat

Serena Hotel is located in Saidu Sharif and is considered one of the most luxurious hotels. It includes various accommodation types, suites, to rooms with all amenities you can imagine.

Serena Hotel, Swat

The hotel has been created for people who want comfort without compromising quality, so they have something unique.

Luxury at affordable prices that will meet your needs no matter what type stands out as best fitting yours.

Why should you stay here?

Serena Hotel Swat offers a perfect place to rest and relax your tired feet. The air-conditioned rooms come with free WiFi service, so you can browse the internet all day if that interests you most of the time during work or school hours.

They also provide towels for their guests and bathrobes if it’s hot when we leave our homes before coming here.

Get comfy on one of these soft sheets while watching TV after returning home from an adventurous adventure outside.

Rate: PKR 17815

Wrapping Up!

Whether you are looking for a luxury stay or more affordable need accommodations, there is no shortage of options. You can easily find hotels in Swat using the list below to guide you through the process.

If there is one thing, we hope this blog post has accomplished, and it is helped demystify hotel booking for those who have never done it before and given them some resources so they can do it on their own from now on to find hotels in Naran, Kalam, and Nathia Gali as well

Let us know which swanky hotels caught your eye.