What do you know about Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan?

It is a mountainous valley and the perfect destination for anyone who would like to get away from it all.

The area is rich in culture and history, making it a must-visit place if you are ever in Pakistan.

Whether you want to hike the mountains or trek through the valleys, there is something for everyone here.

Let’s explore the valley of Kalam

Where is Kalam Valley?

Kalam is a popular tourist destination in upper Swat with many attractions that are worth seeing.

The town and hill station lies at an elevation of about 2,000 meters (6,600 ft), yet there are higher mountains around it where visitors can go hiking or enjoy views up to 20 thousand feet.

Height and Temperature of Kalam Valley


The majestic Kalam valley is a place of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance. The height here reaches up to 2,001 meters in altitude, making it perfect for hiking or camping trips with friends.


The temperature in Kalam Valley is always cold, but it is the perfect getaway for anyone who needs some time away from their busy life.

Best Time to Visit Kalam Valley

The following are the times you will like to visit Kalam;

High Season: June-August & November-December

After Pakistan’s Independence Day on 14 August, vacationing families and Pakistani travelers make the summer months one of the most popular times to visit Swat Valley.

kalam in Winter

Many locals leave their homes in cities during this time while tourism is high. However, it can feel less crowded than usual since many visitors come from afar.

Shoulder Season: March-May & September-October

However, tourism is not peaking during March-May and September-October, but visitors can still enjoy Swat Valley at a milder time.

Kalam in Spring

The springtime when flowers bloom and the fall when Central Park’s trees turn colors makes these two seasons ideal for exploring on foot with breathtaking views of nature.

Low Season: January-Early March

Kalam Valley’s calm waters and cold temperatures make it an excellent destination for those looking to spend their winter break.

The swathes of green that line the valley offer much-needed relief from cold, wintry weather in this harsh environment, making Kalam synonymous with peace throughout most parts of Swat.

kalam in Early Summer

The best time to visit is during January and March when hotel occupancy rates hover between 90% and 95%.

Restaurants book up months in advance because people are eager for holiday getaways.

How to Reach Kalam Valley?

So this is how you can reach Kalam from Islamabad, Lahore, and Swat;

From Islamabad

 The fastest way to get from Islamabad to Swat is by taxi, which takes 4 hours and costs $95 -120. How far are you traveling?

The distance between the two cities can be anywhere from 201 km for those with an average vehicle with little cargo space or only one person allowed per seat, to over 340 kilometers if your car has enough room for passengers and their luggage.

From Lahore

Kalam is a difficult place to reach for those without connections. Luckily, there are many ways you can get here, with taxis being one of them.

You can take the first leg from Lahore up through Peshawar before finally arriving at Kalam or fly into Gilgit, where another set of cars await just outside city limits.

Ready to take passengers wherever they need to go in this region so long as their destination lies within what’s called Pakistan.

From Swat

The most convenient way to reach Kalam by road is the N-95 route, which will take you from Mingora.

The journey crosses over a river on your trip there before finally reaching Khwazakhela and Madyan near Bahrain after an hour or so of driving through beautiful scenery.

Is it safe to Visit Kalam Valley?

The Swat Valley in Pakistan is considered one of the safest places for tourists.

The local police force, along with other law enforcement agencies, encourages visitors to come here confident because they have seen an improvement in safety and security over recent years primarily due to their efforts.

Kalam Valley Roads (Road Conditions)

The road to Kalam used to be a horrible experience, especially from Bahrain.

Kalam Valley

The journey would take hours, and there were many obstacles that you had to navigate through, such as rocks or deep ditches with no bridges over them fording rivers which could flood at any given time, making it difficult if not impossible some times.

The new highway has taken much of this stress away, though, because now travelers only spend an hour thirty minutes getting from Bahrain to Kalam.

Best Places to Stay in Kalam Valley

The following are some of the best places to say in Kalam;

1: Camping Pods by Government

Tourists staying in camping pods or glamping rigs enjoy the picturesque beauty of Kalam Valley and save money on budget accommodation.

As these campsites are often off-grid, they are found near riversides with lakeside views.

Camping Pods

Deep into forests where you can hear crickets chirping at night while gazing up at thousands of stars through an open tent ceiling.

High atop mountains that offer breathtaking panoramas like no other place else.

2: Kalam Valley Hotels

  • Hotel Walnut City
  • Empire Hotel
  • Greens Hotel
  • Jugle Inn
  • Anakar Resort
  • Eagles Nest Hotel
  • Diamond Hills Hotel
  • Hotel Al-Khaleej
  • Gawalmandi Serenity Hotel
  • Galaxy Hotel

3: Forest valley cottages Kalam

If you are looking for some peace and entirely, then Forest Valley Cottages is the place.

The cottages sit on top of a hill with great views around them that make it easy to forget all your troubles while sitting by one of their outdoor fire pits at nightfall.

Cottage of Kalam

Forest Valley Cottage’s serene location makes it perfect as both an escape from city life or a place of residency during weekends.

The surrounding area offers breathtaking valley views, which make up its stunning scenery, while those who prefer shopping at marketplaces will find them less than 1 km away.

Best Places to Visit in Kalam Valley

If you are visiting the Kalam Valley, it will be a journey of adventure and exploration.

The views from where we stand in this valley look over endless green fields to snow-capped mountains on all sides.

Visit the following areas, if you ever visit the beautiful Kalam Valley;

  • Kalam Bazaar

Kalam Bazaar is the leading marketplace and commercial center for locals in Kalama Valley.

Despite being small, it has hotels with restaurants serving delicious food to travelers passing through or visiting family members.

Bazar of Kalam

There are also cafes where you can get your caffeine fix! The bazaar houses medical stores as well.

  • Matiltan

Matiltan is approximately 13km (8 miles) from Kalam, which takes roughly 50 minutes by car.

However, if you want a more scenic and adventurous journey through the Ushu road alongside the swat river, these hiking trails will be perfect for your needs.


Matilton Village is a beautiful village in Swat, KPK on the way to Mahodand Lake.

The hike can take anywhere between 3-4 hours, depending on how fast or slow-minded you choose to go with nature.

A 6-hour trip from Kalam to Matiltan via trekking is the perfect day out in this picturesque town for adventurous travelers.

You will get ample time for sightseeing and relaxing on your way there or at your destination; that’s what makes it worth every penny.

  • Ushu Forest

Ushu is a beautiful spot that you should visit if traveling from Kalam.

The journey takes around 60 to 80 minutes on the same road and direction towards Matiltan, after which it is another 7 km (4 miles) by Mahodand Lake Rd alongside Ushu River.

Ushu Forest in winter & Summer

It has lush green scenery with clear water flowing through its banks, making for some great pictures.

The trail to Ushu is a beautiful and challenging four-hour hike. With an elevation change of nearly, you will be able to reach some spectacular views along this leg of your journey that can’t wait for it all.

  • Mahodand Lake

One of the most highly visited tourist spots in Pakistan, Mahodand Lake, is located nearly 32 Km meters from Kalam.

The lake can be easily accessed by four-wheel-drive vehicles and has a surface area that extends up 2 kilometers long with widths ranging between 10 to 50 meters wide depending on water levels.

It is easy for anyone who likes scenic drives through nature.

  • Blue water

If you are looking for a scenic drive with breathtaking views, then this is where it is at. The blue water valley located 40 minutes away from Mall Road Kalam will make your eyes feel like they’re on vacation as well.

The reason it is called blue water comes from the unique turquoise color that flows out into an area surrounded by thick alpine forests.

There also happens to be one lovely stream spread across endless acres within this picturesque scenery.

  • Jag Banal meadows

The five-finger peaks of the alpine wonderland, Kalam boasts a landscape that is both enchanting and captivating.

The mountains soar up from rolling green meadows to tower over paths winding their way through this picturesque region.

Making it an excellent spot for adventurers seeking some quiet time away from crowds but who also want access to all that Kalam has offered.

  • Boyun village

The village of Boyun is 45 minutes from the main city, located at an altitude where you can enjoy pristine nature. The people here are hospitable and welcoming to visitors who usually plan their whole day before arriving to take it all in.

  • Saifullah lake

The Saifullah lake is a 15-minute drive from Mahodand and offers epic views. Tourists can enjoy boating, fishing here in the summers as well.

The recent popularity of the area has made it one of the most visited locations for tourists all over Pakistan who flock to see its natural beauty that includes both large bodies lakes such as this one with stunning scenery around every corner.

But also smaller ones like our famous blue lagoon which holds an abundance of aquatic life including carp, rohu.

  • Kharkhari lake

From Kalam Bazar to this lake, a three-hour drive is followed by 2 km of rough terrain once you have successfully trekked through these rugged hillsides and gotten your camera out before the view becomes visible at last.

The glistening surface appears as if from nowhere when one drives up close enough to take it all.

  • Kundol lake

The huge Kundol lake is located in the north of Uthror valley at 19 kilometers away from Kalam.

Alongside this famous myth, locals have another story about how every month on moonless nights, you can see a big golden bowl appear out of nowhere and shine like pale moonlight across its surface before disappearing just as quickly again.

Things to do in Kalam Valley


Kalam is a land of many rivers, and it is no surprise that they have healing properties.

The water from these streams runs through miles upon kilometers of mountains before merging to create their distinctive sounds, which can be heard by everyone living here in Kalama Valley.

Kundal Lake

The Kundal Lake is a gorgeous sight to see, especially with pristine views and surrounded by mountains.

To get there, you will need at least three hours from Kalam because it takes time for your party of tourists/guides to reach the destination after following the Swat River Branch that leads them towards this scenic area.


Bahrain, located about 40-50 kilometers south of Kalam, is another popular riverside resort. This place has bazaars worth exploring for their handicrafts, and it is also an excellent spot to spend your evening while traveling through the region.

Miandam - Swat Valley

Another excellent and peaceful place to stay in the mountains of Swat Valley is Miandam.

The town will feel like a different world, with its beautiful trees lining all around you as soon as you reach its edge.

It can get cold here, so remember that when planning your trip or packing clothes for someone else who might end up joining along on their adventure through Pakistan.

Distance from Kalam to Kumrat valley

The distance from Kalam to Kumrat is 4 hrs 6 min (62.8 km) via Utrar Road and Utrar-Dir Road, but it also offers a more accessible option if you are looking for a shorter traveling time.

The scenic drive on this route will take travelers through the beautiful scenery of trees decorated with autumn colors as well as snowcapped mountains in the background, all while passing near some villages which make up part of Agriculture land.

History of Kalam Valley

Suvastu was an ancient and peaceful valley in Pakistan. It was first known as Udyana before it changed to Suvasthi in the 11th century (approx).

The history of Swat continues back 2000 years ago when this land had been settled by people who lived here until the11th Century.

The game of power led to Mahmud of Ghazni’s conquest of Swat valley. The ritual for acquiring land continued, and it was then taken over by Yusufzai tribesmen in the 10th century.

The economy of Swat Valley thrived during the 19th century due to agriculture and trade.

Akhund Sahib, who believed in Muslim law, was able to make it one of the significant areas for businesses because many things were being traded, such as livestock, carpets, etc.

The population of Swat valley is around 1,257,602, and they have several cultural groups living in which the most prominent ones are Pakhtuns.

Yusufzais live here as well with their language that can’t be understood by everyone else but has its roots in ancient Sanskrit. Kohistani’s reside on this land too.

The Swat Valley is known as mini Switzerland with its landscapes in natural beauty. It was one of Pakistan’s most visited areas and had a vital tourism industry that supported many jobs for locals.

Still, it faced some troubles when Taliban attacks led to conflicts between them and army troops at different parts of the valley, which diminished visitor numbers, causing a decline in the income generated by this source alone.

The conflict between Sufi Muhammad and his son-in-law started in the 1990s when they tried to impose sharia law on swat valley.

This led to many people’s resistance, which resulted in a war of Swat with the Pakistani army taking control over 2008.

Culture Of Kalam Valley

Kalam festival is a month-long event that takes place in July or August.

The Kalam Valley and Mahodand are two scenic areas where people visit for this celebration, with tourism as one of its many attractions.

Cultural Dance of Kalam Valley

It is also an important cultural tradition, with folk singing performances throughout the night being featured every night during different stages of festivities.

In contrast, others wear traditional clothes made out of brightly-coloured fabrics designed specifically for these types o events.

People Of Kalam Valley

The people of Kalam Valley are called the forgotten people.

They have been through much in their history, but they never gave up hope or stopped fighting for what was right.

The People of Kalam Valley Swat Pakistan have gone through many challenges throughout history despite being one among those who were considered ‘forgotten’.

People of Kalam Valley gathered for discussion

Living under the Taliban’s regime, these brave souls still showed resilience, perseverance, and determination even if it meant imprisonment.

Because this did not stop them from speaking out against human rights violations committed by fundamentalists when no one else would listen to them any more than before.

Wrapping Up!

The Kalam Valley is a picturesque region of Pakistan with an array of stunning natural and manufactured attractions.

If you are looking to explore this beautiful valley, Naran Or Hunza, we have got all the information you need.

From religious sites to scenic landscapes, here is what makes Kalam Swat Valley one of our favourite places in Pakistan.