Kumrat Valley is one of the tourist attractions that got popular recently. This valley was somewhat undiscovered a few years ago, but now with the ease of access of getting there, we could see hundreds of tourists from all over Pakistan visiting this beautiful valley to see lush green fields and spend time in the raw jungle.

The beautiful Kumrat valley is stepping in the highlights of some heavenly beautiful sites for tourism. The hidden gem in the greenish layer of pine trees and tall enormous mountains would take your breath away. Kumrat is visited by numerous tourists from around the globe due to its amazing geographical location and pleasant atmosphere.

This travel Guide on Kumrat valley covers everything that you need to know about this beautiful place!

Where is Kumrat Valley?

Kumrat Valley is located in the upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In terms of altitude 7800 ft. The greenery of the area furnished by Deodar Forest with the foggy hills creates beautiful scenery to make it a perfect tourist spot.

Kumrat Valley Height and Temperature

The best time to visit Kumrat Valley is around the Spring season and summer seasons when the temperature stands around 20 degrees Celsius. Kumrat valley’s height is 3100 meters above sea level. Although it may not be safe to visit Kumrat Valley during winters as the temperature may reach as low as -4 degrees Celsius causing snowfall.

How Safe is Kumrat Valley?

The Government of Pakistan has taken many steps to make Kumrat valley safe for visitors. You can choose to camp around in the open peacefully as there are no security concerns. The Government of Pakistan has also invested in the tourism sector to offer better hotel services and roadways.

Kumrat Valley Travel Guide

We will discuss some of the best suitable routes you can choose to reach Kumrat Valley from various locations. The distance and time taken to travel can vary depending on the road conditions.

How to Reach Kumrat Valley?

Following are the routes and distances that you need to know if you are going to Kumrat valley from Islamabad, Lahore, or Swat.

Islamabad to Kumrat Valley – Distance and Route

Kumrat Valley is 390 Kilometers away from Islamabad and by road, it can take approximately 8 hours 45 minutes to reach the valley via AH1/M-1. From Islamabad, you have to reach Chakdara via the Swat motorway.

After exiting the Chakdara toll plaza, you have to approach Dir and Chitral road which is suitable for cars. After 3 hours of drive, you’ll approach Dir and Kumrat turning point where you can continue towards the gateway of Kumrat named Baab-e-Kumrat.

How to Reach Kumrat Valley from Lahore?

Kumrat valley is 705 kilometers away from Lahore which can take 12 hours and 49 minutes via Lahore Islamabad Motorway M2. After reaching Islamabad you can continue your journey via Swat motorway and further towards Kumrat Valley at Upper Dir.

Swat to Kumrat Valley – Distance and Route

If you want to approach Kumrat valley from Swat, you may have to choose an off-road path. The distance of Kumrat Valley from Swat is 163 kilometers. The entrance village towards Kumrat Valley is Thal. From Utrar you may have to hire a Jeep driver to drive you towards Thal. The journey towards Kumrat Valley may seem a bit rough but a lovely sight to see.

Kumrat valley Hotels- Best Places to Stay In Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley Camping Pods

Camping pods are one of the recent additions added in the tourism sector by the tourism department of Pakistan. These pods are managed by the government and you can book them before your visit. These pods are equipped with basic facilities and it will be a lifetime experience to spend a night there.

For Booking of Pods in Kumrat Valley, you can visit: KumratTourism.com

Panjkora Hotel & Resort

Panjkora Hotel is a luxurious place with a scenic view to enjoy. The hotel is situated at the bank of River Panjkora which offers beautiful streaming water passing through the tall dark mountains of Kumrat. The stay at this hotel could get expensive as it offers a class of a resort at an exotic location with all the necessities available.

Hotel Green Hills

This Hotel is located in the Thal Bazar at Thal which is the entrance village of Kumrat valley. The location of this hotel might go off the main road and a bit far from the Valley. However, you may have to book a Jeep ride every time you want to reach Kumrat Valley from the hotel.

Camping in Kumrat Valley

During the tourism season, you may find many tent camps for sleeping and residential accommodation at Kumrat Valley which are set by locals.

Best Places to Visit in Kumrat Valley

1. Panjkora River

The most beautiful river in the Hindu Kush region is the Panjkora river with its clear icy water gushing through the mountainous rocks. The river is located 90 kilometers North East of Upper Dir. The river’s water showers down from the glaciers of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Panjkora River after Rain

Trout is the most common species of the Panjkora River and if you are visiting the place you may want to go fishing as well. The flow and density of water may vary on the external factors as well as the water level may rise dramatically during the monsoon rains.

2. Wooden Canals, Thal in Kumrat Valley

Wooden Canals, Thal in Kumrat Valley:

The artistry of the wooden canal near Thal is a major source of tourist attraction as well. This point gives a feeling of serenity to the visitors and is a recommended site to visit at Kumrat.

3. Dojanga

The last point of Kumrat Valley is Dojanga which seems like a piece of paradise with its clean blue water rushing down the pine trees covering the location.

Dojanga Kumrat

The place is covered with rocks and a rough trail so it is recommended to trek with a guide at this location. You’ll find vast green plains and mountains covered in pine at this point as well.

4. Thal in Upper Dir

Thal is the entrance village to the Kumrat Valley. You may find necessities such as food and other traveling goods at Thal. If you want to travel further in Kumrat Valley you may want to make Thal the last stop for recollecting your supplies. Thal is the closest town to Kumrat Valley and it could serve as a great accommodation spot for your trip.

5. Do Kala Chasma

Do Kala Chasma has a breathtaking view of a dark enormous forest covered in the deep and thick forest of pine trees. The water streams down from the glaciers above the mountains making the water pure and clean to drink.

The magnificent view of Kala Chasma attracts tourists for sightseeing. There are also many waterfalls hidden in the place between the mountains which only arouse the curiosity of people to come and visit this area. 

6. Trek to Katora Lake

Through Jahaz Banda you may have to trek towards the Katora lake which is approximately 4.5 kilometers of the trek. The trek would require two days of a hike to reach Katora lake. You can camp near Jahaz Banda on the green lush meadows. But once you’ll realize when you reach the destination that your trek was worth the view.

Katora Lake

The Katora Lake at upper Dir feels like an entrance to heaven’s gate. The greenish-blue lake is surrounded by ice-covered mountains presenting a circular view in shape. The color of the lake water seems beautiful with the landscape of mountains.

7. Best Views of Mountains

The views of the mountains at Kumrat are spectacular with the whole pine tree forest covering the area downside. The beauty you’ll witness in this valley is undebatable. You can witness the beauty of the Hindu Kush Mountain range at Valley.

Mountains in Kumrat Valley

The glorious mountains covered in dense snow and a green pasture present a mighty yet calming sensation to the witnessing eyes. These beautiful landscapes can be discovered as you further trial in the Valley.

View From katora Lake

The view of the Mountains in Kumrat is heavenly with the dense fog surrounding the mountains covered in white snow. The plains and rough tracks at these mountains are an attraction for hikers and trekkers.

8. Jahaz Banda Waterfall

The beautiful Jahaz Banda waterfall streaming down fresh and clean water gives a mesmerizing view when the bright sun shines into it. The pines surrounding the area and the gigantic rocks enhance the beauty of the scenery.

Jahaz Banda

You may find many unique waterfalls covering falling from the mountains on your way towards the valley. The shapes and flow of these waterfalls seem one of a kind.

9. Jungles of Kumrat Valley

The jungles of Kumrat Valley are worth exploring if you love to trek. The tall trees of Jahaz Banda surrounded by the snow-clad mountains give you an adventurous vibe to explore through the place. There are beautiful sites at these jungles across the river where you can camp and spend a night to make your moments memorable.

Jungle of Kumrat Valley

During the nighttime, you’ll be able to witness the milky way covering the sky with beautiful stars on the planet. The night sky at Kumrat is worth seeing as there is no pollution or smoke layer to cover the sky from witnessing the beauty of shining bright stars.

People and Culture Of Kumrat Valley

The people of Kumrat Valley are friendly and hospitable which is the real characteristic of the Pakistani nation. They seemed a bit low on lifestyle yet they were happy with what they had. They might live in poverty yet they were very generous towards the tourists of visitors and they offer services and treat the visitors more like their guests.

Local of Kumrat Valley

The locals of Kumrat Valley are found to live in such an inhospitable manner although they seem satisfied with their belongings. They would often guide the tourists about the areas of Kumrat Valley and even advise them for better photography spots.

Kumrat Valley FAQs

Is Kumrat Valley Safe?

Kumrat Valley is safe to visit and there are no security concerns to worry about. Many foreigners have visited the place and reviewed it in a positive manner in terms of both sightseeing and services.

What is the best time to visit Kumrat Valley?

The best time to Visit Kumrat Valley is during the Spring or Summer season. Although you may have to be careful during the monsoon season as rainfall may cause land sliding.

Is Kumrat Valley Beautiful?

Kumrat Valley was hidden from the world and tourists for quite a while. The valley is still considered unexplored as many of the locals haven’t visited the place completely either.

How far is Kumrat valley from Swat?

Kumrat is 163 Kilometers away from Swat. Although you may have to reach Utrar if you are traveling from Kalam. Further, you’ll have to reach the small town of Thal which leads to Valley.

The Bottom Line

There are many unexplored and hidden sites in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region that reveal the mirror image of heaven on earth. Many of these lovely places are out of our reach due to a lack of necessary means. A large sector of Valley still needs to be explored to reveal the beauty of our country and what it holds in the mysterious lands.