Naran is a beautiful city with rich history and culture. There are many hotels in Naran Kaghan, but not all of them have the same level of quality.

Some hotels offer great value for money, while others charge you an arm and a leg for poor service.

It is hard to find a high-quality hotel that will not empty your wallet at the same time

We want our readers to enjoy their stay in Naran without worrying about where they will sleep after a long day exploring this wonderful city.

Our blog guides you through the best places to stay during your holiday in Naran Kaghan by providing honest reviews on different accommodation options around town.

You can rely on us when choosing where to stay as we only recommend establishments that meet specific criteria, for example, clean rooms, comfortable beds, etc.

Best Hotels In Naran 2024 – Top Picks

The following is the Naran hotels list that you may choose to stay;

1. Demanchi Hotel Naran – Best Budget

The Demanchi Hotel Naran is a luxury hotel located on Main Bazar, Naran, surrounded by shopping centers. The popular tourist attraction Lake Saif Ul Mulook can also be found nearby.

Demanchi Hotel Naran

The Demanchi Hotel Naran offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a great and versatile hotel that can be tailored to your needs, whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure.

Why Should You Stay Here?

The hotel offers an entirely luxurious experience for families with LCD TVs and Wi-Fi with various rooms to choose from.

The bathrooms come equipped with toiletries as well as large wardrobes that can store your belongings secure when you are on vacation.

Rate: PKR 8500

2. Maisonette Hotel Naran – Best Security

The Maisonette is now one of the most luxurious hotels in Naran Kaghan.
It offers its services to visitors from all around Pakistan who want a five-star experience come true.

Maisonette Hotel Naran

The Maisonette hotel in Naran offers a luxury, cozy stay with an exciting atmosphere.

The harsh weather conditions do not dampen your experience here as you enjoy the comfortable accommodations.

And cozy ambiance throughout this beautiful site for tourists from all over Pakistan who want to escape life’s distractions.

Why Should You Stay Here?

Staying at the hotel will make your trip hassle-free. 24-hour security, a well-equipped gym, and a snack bar are just some of the many perks you can enjoy while staying here.

Additionally, Pakistan is considered one of the safest countries in Asia, which makes it perfect for traveling alone or with family members.

CCTV cameras placed strategically throughout each floor provide an extra layer against any disturbance.

This ensures guests feel safe during their stay no matter what time it may be.

Rate: PKR 13999

3. Millennium Hotel Naran – Best View

The Millennium Hotel is a prime location for those seeking the best accommodations in town.

The hotel offers rooms with different amenities to suit your needs, from superior guestrooms that come equipped with 24-hour room service and free WiFi access all day long.

Millennium Hotel Naran

Or deluxe king suites complete with two double beds loaded up on top of each other as high as they can go.

Not only do they offer you this great variety but also rates so reasonable it will make sense why everyone’s coming here first before going anywhere else.

Why Should You Stay Here?

With a wide range of amenities, the Millennium Hotel is your home away from home.

The 24-hour room service and laundry facilities will make it easy for you to get back on track when needed, but do not worry.

There is plenty more about where that comes from.

Rate: PKR 13,500

4. Grey Wall Huts & Cottages – Earthquake Resistant

You will find a range of rooms from super deluxe to standard at the Grey Wall Huts and Cottages.

There are cottages available for family vacations, located 800 meters away on Jheel Saif Malook Road in Naran, where you can enjoy rock climbing with professional guides while fishing trout in water that is famous amongst nature enthusiasts.

Grey Wall Huts & Cottages

Cottages are the perfect getaway for anyone who wants an affordable yet luxurious stay.

With views of beautiful scenery, cottagers can enjoy their time in one of these cozy environments with all creature comforts at hand.

Why Should You Stay Here?

In the absence of stone, wood was used for building shelters.

The cottages and huts are well designed and earthquake-resistant as they were built on solid foundations with walls made from teak logs.

Rate: PKR 15900

5. Rockwood Resort Naran – Enough Parking Space

Rockwood Hotel, offering economical accommodation in the beautiful mountains of Naran.

Guests can spend their nights comfortably at this spacious hotel with Deluxe and Executive rooms available to fit any need.

Hotel amenities include stocked toiletries, comfortable ambiance, and 24-hour room service. Other facilities include parking space for your convenience as well.

Rockwood Resort Naran

The staff at this hotel does not just take care of you when it is time to sleep.

They will make sure that everything else needs attention too like making sure all clothes are clean after use or replenishing any consumables (toilet paper).

Why Should You Stay Here?

Rockwood Hotel has a restaurant on site that offers guests different international cuisine worldwide, including Continental and Pakistani food.

Rate: PKR 8000

6. Trout Lodges Naran Valley

The Trout Lodge is a beautiful and luxurious hotel in Naran, taking 4th place on this year’s list of Best hotels.

The architecture makes it stand out from others with its modern design catches attention while driving along Saif ul Malook road.

Trout Lodges Naran Valley

For the tourist looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this hotel is perfect.

You will find serenity here in its peaceful surroundings, with lush greenery surrounding you. It is hard not to be absorbed by such scenery.

Why Should You Stay Here?

Trout Lodges Naran also offers a wide range of adventure sports that will add more twists to your holidays, from badminton and outdoor BBQ/Picnic Area.

Rate: PKR 8244

7. Sayyam Heights Naran – Best For Couples

Lying in the misty mountains of Naran, Sayam Heights is a short drive away from the downtown area. The hotel offers well-furnished rooms with a wooden finish and en suite bathrooms for your convenience.

The rooms at our hotel offer the perfect blend of comfort and class.

Sayyam Heights Naran

With vintage-inspired décor, carpeted floors to keep your feet warm on those chilly fall mornings, as well as comfortable beds made from pure cotton.

You will feel right at home in one of these cozy suites.

Why Should You Buy It?

Saying that Sayyam Heights is the perfect place to stay when on your honeymoon may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. The rooms here are filled with all sorts of romantic touches.

Rate; PKR 11000

8. Hotel Rose Valley Naran – Best Restuarant Services

Located in the heart of Naran, Hotel Rose Valley offers guests a picturesque setting that is only matched by its stunning views.

With so many sensations to experience and take back home with you, whether it is a refreshing breath after climbing one too many mountains or simply basking under crisp winter skies.

Hotel Rose Valley Naran

There is not another place quite like this hidden gem.

Why Should You Stay Here?

The hotel offers delicious food in its restaurant with a fusion of Continental, Chinese and Pakistani flavors.

The staff at this location are happy to help you find what your tastes are. They will also cook up some delicious meals themselves if their reservations are not fully booked out yet.

Rate; PKR 6577

9. Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran – Best Luxury Hotel

The Fairy Meadows Hotel in Naran is a popular hotel among tourists. The valley has many accommodations, restaurants, and attractions to enjoy for those who come here from all over the world.

It is located on the main road, opposite Jamia Masjid Naran.

Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran

The hotel has a variety of rooms to suit your needs, with some being more luxurious than others and at varying rates from standard deluxe room upwards depending on what you are looking for in terms of accommodation.

Why Should You Stay Here?

Car rental is also available at Fairy Meadows Hotel for traveling to Ansu Lake, Lalazar, and Lake Saiful Muluk.

You will witness the beauty of this heaven on earth while your car awaits in one of these three locations.

Rate: PKR 12000

10. Pine Park Hotel and Restaurant – Best For BBQ

Pine Park Hotel and Restaurant is an excellent place for travelers who are looking to experience deluxe accommodations.

The hotel offers many different types of rooms, including one with a luxurious VIP suite as well as other less expensive options such as standard or deluxe rooms.

Pine Park Hotel and Restaurant

All you have to do is choose your preference.

Why Should You Stay Here?

The Pine Park Hotel and Restaurant has an on-site restaurant that offers different types of cuisine to choose from.

The menu includes Continental, Pakistani dishes like keema matar paratha (a traditional Punjabi dish made with minced meat) or biryani rice cooked in spices along with vegetables such as carrots and & green beans.

This can be enjoyed for breakfast as well as dinner time meals.

Rate: PKR 10500

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking for a hotel in Naran, we have compiled the list of hotels that is available.

This article has been helpful in finding out about all of the properties and amenities they offer. We hope it will help you narrow down your search about Nathia Gali and Isalamabd Hotels as well.

Have any other questions? Let us know