The Northern Areas of Pakistan have a global recognition for tourist attractions who visit to witness exquisite landscapes and creations of nature Pakistan is blessed with. The culture and hospitality the Pakistani nation presents are praiseworthy by millions of foreigners who visit Northern Pakistani areas every year.

The best time to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan is summer. The place becomes a spot of relief for locals who want to enjoy the pleasant weather and gaze at the magnificent sceneries in the hilly areas. During summers, locals from heated Punjab and Sindh visit Northern Areas to get a sigh of calmness with their families and friends.

The Government of Pakistan also played a significant role in clearing the hurdles for the convenience of visitors. They have also invested in the tourism sector to provide necessary services such as hotels, petrol stations, and communication network facilities.

These steps have promoted the tourism culture in Pakistan. So, pack up your bags and plan your trips to experience the admirable tourism Pakistan has to offer.

Best Places of Northern Areas

To assist your tourism, we have listed names of Northern Areas of Pakistan, which are summarized among the most famous places to visit on earth.


The valleys in the Northern areas of Pakistan portray a heavenly sight with mesmerizing sceneries of Lakes and Mountains. These places have no comparison in their culture and beauty of landscapes; therefore, these places are a must recommendation to visit:

1. Chitral Valley

The blissful green valleys and steep mountains of Chitral will make you fall in love with the place at first sight. The east border of Gilgit Baltistan is closer to Chitral.

Chitral valley is situated with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa districts Swat and Dir. Chitral Valley has the world’s most beautiful landscapes and massive glaciers with mountains, making it an adventurous place for hikers and mountain climbers.

The weather at Chitral valley is considered to be the most intense weather across the country. Therefore, tourists visit the place during summer preferably.

Chital is also known for Kalash valley and the locals who possess a rich culture with legitimate dressing. When it comes to tourism, Chitral is given a strong sense of adventure, making it an attractive site in the list of Northern areas of Pakistan.

2. Swat Valley

SWAT is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan as it gives a heavenly sight similar to the landscapes of Switzerland. Swat is situated near the Swat River, which is 247 Kilometers away from the capital Islamabad. Swat shares borders with Gilgit in the north and Chitral in the northwest.

The beautiful plains and high peaks of Swat give you a view of paradise on earth. Even with a low temperature, Swat valley has fertile land to grow vegetables and fruits.

The natural beauty of Swat includes lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and high mountains, which attract a massive number of tourists every year. To get the vibe of an adventure, climbers and hikers visit Swat during winters when the weather is harsh and cold.

The greenish forests and pleasant forecast provide a natural habitat for wildlife. A trip to Swat would make your summer holidays worthy of the atmosphere and heavenly beauty the valley offers.

3. Azad Jammu & Kashmir

The beautiful liberated area of Kashmir holds a beautiful glance at first sight. Azad Kashmir is located in the North East of Pakistan. Kashmir is only 82 kilometers away from the capital Islamabad.

The valley gives a beautiful view of Deep forests and snow-covered peaks. Neelam Valley is the most beautiful valley of Kashmir, surrounded by forests and freshwater streams.

River Jhelum and Neelam lead to the biggest city of Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. The view of the river streaming between the mountains can be enjoyed from a high peak. It’s an excellent point for spending your weekends or going for a long drive if you are not willing to travel far away.

4. Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley represents the magnificent carpet of green meadows and enormous, beautiful peaks. The valley is situated opposite Normal Valley, and in the distance, it is 90 kilometers away from Hunza Valley or 47 kilometers away from Gilgit.

Naltar Valley consists of five beautiful lakes giving a vibrant look and enhancing the mountains’ beauty.

The altitude of the mountains is pretty high, so it seems suitable for alpine ski slopes, and the ski slope gives a gesture of enthusiasm. You may be able to find a tour package that includes a ski resort and residential accommodation.

5. Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is probably the most famous tourist destination point of all among the northern areas of Pakistan. Naran is 10,000 ft above sea level, and the atmosphere is pretty harsh in winter. You may find the best accommodation facilities here, such as places like Pine Park Shogran.

The site is recommended for a visit during summer as the temperature is enjoyable. Also, there is less chance of snowfall.

The bazaar of Naran is filled with tourists during summer, and you may find a range of hotels and restaurants. The valley itself is covered in pine trees and streams falling, flowing straight from the glaciers. Naran is known for the Lake Saiful Malook, just 7 kilometers away from Naran, an excellent point of attraction for tourists. The greenish-blue lake is surrounded by mountains covered in snow and presents a scene from heaven.

6. Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows gives you a sight of heaven on earth as there is no match to the beauty its snow-covered mountains offer. Fairy meadows are 50 kilometers of drive from Chilas to Raikot bridge.

Fairy Meadows is preferable for hiking; the trail towards the fairy meadows is pretty dangerous. So, to reach the destination, jeeps are available.

One may feast their eyes while staring at the beautiful and enormous Nanga Parbat, one of the highest peaks in Pakistan. The rocky paths and ice-covered mountains offer a scenic view as you are living a dream in heaven.

Fairy Meadows is recommended to visit in summer as around winter, and there is a chance of land sliding, which may cause disastrous accidents.

Best Places of Baltistan

1. Ghanche

The Ghanche district stands apart with its beautiful valleys and high summits. The community has gorgeous peaks and waterfalls that give a soothing feel at first sight. The forest presents a mesmerizing scenery in autumn roads covered in yellow leaves.

The River Braldu originates from the Baltoro glacier, which is situated in the Ghanche district. The abstract colors with golden sunlight, turquoise water from the river, and yellowish leaves in the forest portray an aesthetic of a beautiful valley.

It seems more like a scene out of a painting and unreal to bare eye. All these sceneries offer a sense of serenity to those who visit the place.

2. Shigar

Shigar is on 20 minutes drive from Skardu city. Welcomed by the wooden bridge at your drive from Skardu, the Shigar valley can be viewed from the bird’s eye view at Shigar viewpoint. The development has been improvised in the Shigar valley to promote tourism.

The worthy place to visit at Shigar is the Shigar Fort which represents the true heritage of the region. Shigar fort was restored to promote cultural and economic values.

You may find many monuments. The restoration project also offers luxury accommodation of international standard that provides an exquisite tourism experience.

3. Kharmang

Kharmang is situated in the northeast of Ghanche District and 120 kilometers away from Skardu. The Kharmang valley is among the five most famous valleys in Pakistan.

The waterfalls falling from the tall mountains assist the streams flowing through the mountains. Khamosh Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Gilgit, which is found in Kharmang valley.

Vast green valleys and snow-covered peaks present the natural beauty the valley of Kharmang has been blessed with. The fertile agricultural land offers up to 8 types of different apples which are grown here. Locals of Kharmang are great at hospitality who are always ready to welcome visitors and tourists.

4. Skardu

Skardu district represents some of the major tourist attractions in Pakistan. Skardu city is the capital of the Skardu District.

Skardu valley stands apart in its beauty and attracts numerous mountaineers looking for adventure. The 8000 meters high peaks are uncovered in this valley. The suitable time to visit the valley is from April to October between the summers.

The best way to reach the destination is through flight services offered by PIA. The valley is covered in snow during winters. Therefore, it is not possible to visit during the season.

The primary source of attraction at Skardu is Lake Satpara which glances at shining blue water and fishing for tourists who visit the place.

5. Roundu

The district of Roundu has some beautiful valleys which offer a quality sight of their own. The valley of Tormik holds great importance due to its beautiful streams of flowing freshwater and vast green plains. The valley of Tormik lies on the link road of Gilgit and Skardu.

The fields are built like playgrounds to play polo which is their regional game. The mesmerizing altitude offers a pleasant temperature during the summers, and therefore it is the best time to visit the place for tourists.

Best Places in Gilgit

1. Ghizer

Ghizer lies in the western part of Gilgit, which is believed to be split into two parts. The beautiful Ghizer valley is a fantastic site for tourists where they can spend some quality time. The Khalti lake, which is famous for trout fish, encourages fishing in the chilly water.

Tourists can swim and camp at the site, and the green and vast meadows offer mesmerizing beauty. The place itself provides peace of mind to those who visit with its out-of-the-world sceneries.

2. Hunza

The colorful Hunza Valley is a hidden gem in the northern areas of Pakistan. The travelers and tourists show a great deal of interest in the natural landscapes of Hunza.

There are numerous places to visit in Hunza, including Altit Fort, Attabad lake, and Shimshal valley. The rough, icy mountains enhance the beauty of Hunza valley, which seems like a giant white wall made of snow.

Hunza offers a sight to 4 mighty mountains, which are almost 6000 meters high. The summer trip becomes praiseworthy if Hunza is on your list to stop by.

Hunza is a safe place to travel with the accommodation necessities available at the location. During summers, Hunza is crowded with visitors, and the best time is till October.

3. Nagar

Nagar valley is one of the major attractions for tourists besides Hunza. There are some famous peaks which offer a breathtaking site covered in thick snow. One of these peaks is the Rakaposhi Peaks which lies in the Karakoram Mountain range.

There are also glaciers among the vast mountains to enhance the beauty of icy roads and rocky paths. Nagar is also famous for the high-altitude Rush Lake, which has clear dark blue water offering a spectacular view of the mountains.

4. Gupis-Yasin

Gupis Yasin district is represented by the Yasin Valley situated in the east of Ishkoman. It is a unit of Gilgit Baltistan blessed with hard huge rocks and streams of clean blue water.

The valley’s land is fertile, and the land is irrigated well as the valley is situated aside from the river.

5. Gilgit – Capital City

The capital city of Gilgit Baltistan is known for its vast glaciers and unmatched beauty in the eyes of nature. The town is situated near Hunza river and Gilgit river. It became a primary tourist site for trekking and interested many mountaineers across the globe.


Northern Areas of Pakistan by Diameter

1. Astore

Astore is situated in Gilgit Baltistan at an altitude of 2,546 meters (8,353 ft). Astore valley resembles the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan and other valleys of the district. To approach the destination, you can take a 45 minutes flight from Islamabad to Gilgit.

2. Darel

Darel is a remote town in the southwest of Chilas. The village has to offer an aesthetic of houses made of wood. The city is entered by passing through an old bridge over the Indus River. The rugged mountains and green plains are a sight to see in this town.


3. Tangier

The clean and green plains of the Tangir give a prestigious experience to visitors and tourists. The fertile land has a lot to offer with the pure blue water streaming in the valley’s lakes. The Government has constructed a Hydropower project to provide electricity to the area, which can improve the tourist attraction.

4. Chilas

Chilas is located at the bank of river Indus. Chilas is considered hot and tries as it receives no monsoon rains, and the temperature can reach 52 degrees. But in the winters, it gets intensely cold as low as -10. The place is only 3000 feet above sea level.


Why are northern areas of Pakistan famous?

The northern areas of Pakistan are known as famous destination sites across the globe as they match the many European favorite destinations and indeed match their beauty in the aspects of nature. Many of the locations, such as Fairy Meadows, have no match across the globe as it holds the beauty of its own.

What are the northern areas of Pakistan?

Gilgit Baltistan, Hunza, Chitral, Swat, Jammu & Kashmir.


The tourism sector can be promoted on a greater level if the areas and locations portraying heavenly sights can be presented to the world. Introducing a positive image of the country by offering exceptional tourism services to their foreigners can boost the economy. Although investment in this sector and development can be of great benefit in the upcoming future.