Zohaib Siddique

Introducing Zohaib Siddique, an avid explorer and visionary behind the travel realm. With a degree in Software Engineering, Zohaib’s professional journey has led him to excel as a UI/UX Designer and WordPress Expert, making his mark as a dedicated freelancer.

But it was in 2018 that Zohaib’s true adventure began, as he embarked on a transformative journey into the world of travel. From traversing breathtaking landscapes to immersing himself in diverse cultures, he found solace on the open road. In 2019, Zohaib took his passion to new heights, quite literally, as a Moto vlogger, capturing the essence of his bike tours and bringing them to life through his lens.

Zohaib’s wanderlust ignited a desire to revolutionize the travel experience. Faced with the challenges of planning, sharing, and finding authentic accommodations, he envisioned a seamless solution. Thus, Pakrism emerged, an innovative startup that serves as the ultimate travel companion for explorers within Pakistan.

Through Pakrism, Zohaib has harmonized his technological prowess with his travel fervor. The platform encapsulates a comprehensive array of offerings, from uncovering hidden gems and curating personalized itineraries to effortlessly sharing travel plans with companions. Not to mention, Pakrism’s curated selection of accommodations allows travelers to seamlessly immerse themselves in the local culture, while a convenient travel accessory shop caters to the practical needs of globetrotters.

Zohaib’s captivating travel experiences and profound insights culminate in his engaging blog. As a travel and tourism enthusiast, he masterfully weaves tales of exploration, providing a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Pakistan’s captivating destinations.

With each blog post and Moto vlog, Zohaib Siddique inspires fellow adventurers to embrace the unknown, redefine their travel narratives, and embark on journeys that resonate with the heart and soul of exploration. Through his unyielding dedication, Pakrism stands as a testament to his commitment to redefining the travel landscape, one remarkable adventure at a time.