Karachi – The City of Lights is the largest city in Pakistan. If you want to visit Karachi with your friends or family we have compiled a list of the Best Places to Visit in Karachi!

The beautiful city of Karachi has a lot to offer, including numerous picnic points, beaches, sea view areas, and the best food options that you may not find anywhere else in Pakistan. The city is also known for its tremendous historical background, culture, and heritage it holds.

1. Mazar-e-Quaid- Remembring the Founder of Pakistan

The main attraction and the identifying landmark of Karachi city is Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was the founder of Pakistan, rests at the National Mausoleum.

The iconic architecture of the building under a round dome, covered in marble stones attracts the public eye towards itself. A series of fountains lead towards the building where the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah is situated. As a symbol of respect, people from all over the country visit the Mazar.

This is surely one of the places to visit in Karachi.

The site is open for the public 24 hours, and therefore you will always find a large crowd there. On special occasions such as Eid or public holidays, the visiting hours could be affected.

2. Mohatta Palace – Showcase of History and Culture

The Palace holds excellent pieces of history and heritage within its architecture. A businessman of Rajasthan built the luxurious palace. Later on, after the independence of Pakistan, it became the residence of Fatima Jinnah.

The place now serves as a museum and art gallery to reflect the history of this place. The photographers are not allowed inside the palace museum; therefore, you can only capture the beauty of this historic building from the outside.

The marvelous design architecture of the palace indicates the heritage of Rajasthani culture from the outside. There are trees and beautiful statues in front of the building to enhance the attraction of the palace. The museum palace is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.

3. Clifton Beach – Best Place to Visit with Friends & Family

Beach is a peaceful place to take a break and rest from the hustling traffic of Karachi. Clifton beach is a famous picnic spot for visitors who spend their time enjoying the rushing waves and soft sand at the coast.

The welcoming ocean water gives you a pleasant sensation. The sunset is stunning at Clifton beach for those who love to gaze at the skyline. Large gatherings are observed primarily on the occasion of Eid, including families. However, the visitors are advised to keep the place clean and trash-free.

4. Frere Hall – Remains of British Rule

A souvenir of Indian British rule, the building of Frere Hall would take you back to the 19th century. The hall is situated in Saddar district, and Henry Saint Clair built it. The old architecture presents the indication of a city hall observed during the rule of the British.

Several city festivals are held at the place, including an open book fair where many books are exhibited. Green gardens and trees surround the building itself. The building now serves as a library and an art gallery portraying the historical times.

The Frere Hall is open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

5. Pakistan Air Force Museum – Witness the Best of Pakistan Air Force

The PAF museum is all about Pakistan’s historical air crafts and aeronautical technology during the rough times. You will find many famous pieces of aircraft at the museum, which would enhance your knowledge regarding the Pakistan Air Force.

The museum also holds pieces of history from World War 1 and World War 2, including the historical war with India back in 1965. There are many model planes and life-size planes on display in the nearby gardens around the museum. You may find some refreshment spots in the open garden nearby the museum.

6. Quaid-e-Azam House – Place where Quaid Used to Live

Situated at the crossroads of Shahrah-e-Faisal and Fatima Jinnah Road, the Quaid-e-Azam house museum is a fine two-story architecture with an eye-catching color palette of yellow turquoise and a salmon rooftop. It is located amid land known as Flag Staff House, surrounded mainly by gardens.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah claimed ownership of the property in 1943. Since his passing, the Pakistani Government has looked after well to ensure and preserve the Quaid’s lifestyle and belongings. The place has been a flashing tourist attraction since the bold yet gorgeous location speaks so for itself. A good amount of furniture, clothes, carpet, and antiques sit in their original form for the tourists to get a vivid view of the Quaid’s quality of life. Visitors can witness them up close and in real-time by visiting any working day of the week.

7. Hawkes Bay Beach – Best Picnic Point

Found on the Southwest coast of Karachi, Hawkes Bay beach is a must-visit site. Named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, who initially owned a house on the beach’s coast, this beach is a sight to behold for tourists and residents alike.

The beach spreads to a vast area, most of which is found crowded, especially in summers. Whether it be standing against the tides, a tread on the sandy surface, a camel ride, a boat cruise, or a picnic with friends or family, Hawkes Bay beach has everything to offer its visitors to ensure the complete beach experience. The beach can be visited on any day of the week.

8. Karachi Zoo- Best Place for Kids

Located near Nishtar Road, the Karachi Zoo Park has all the makings of a complete zoo experience. Visitors can purchase tickets to enter the place and transport around the area with the caterpillar-themed buggy. The initial stage of the zoo greets the visitors with enormous elephants, followed by a rare Golden Tiger and many other magnificent beasts of the wild in point-blank range. All animals are well kept for and situated in a suitable environment.

Almost all breeds are present in the bird’s section of the zoo, including swans, flamingos, ostrich and emu’s, peacocks, and parrots. A decent set of monkeys can also be seen in the south end of the place.

9. Port Grand – Modern Shopping and Food Spots

Possibly the most stunning location of Karachi, the Port Grand, is a magical world of its own. Placed along the waterfront of Native Jetty Bridge, this recreational center has some of the best restaurants, cuisines, and stalls that Karachi has to offer. A variety of food, including Oriental, Chinese, Desserts, and fast food, can be found on the gorgeously maintained promenade.

The place also has a theme park with arcade games and rides for family and kids’ recreation. All of that is situated next to the beautiful coastal view.

10. Do Darya- Enjoy the Food with Sea View

Standing up to its nickname,” The Paradise for Foodies,” Do Darya is a stunning spot that delivers the best of food and sightseeing the city has to offer. Found in DHA Phase 8, a terrace-themed chain of restaurants with the sea on either side.

The heavenly location encapsulates the beauty of the water as far as the sight goes to amplify the dining experience. While being a sight to behold at day, the place stands out as architectural heaven during nighttime. The aura and uniqueness of the area make it a must-visit for every tourist in Karachi.

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Where to Stay in Karachi?

There are several luxurious and five-star hotels where you can get top-of-the-line services. These hotels are best for tourists and travelers in Karachi which offer services according to the international standards:

  • Four Square by WI Hotels (5 stars)
  • Swisstel Cottage (5 star)
  • Avari Tower Karachi (5 stars)
  • Karachi Marriott Hotel (5 stars)
  • Pearl Continental Karachi (5 stars)


Is Karachi safe for tourism?

The security situation has been controlled overall in the past years in Karachi. Law and order have been improved as well, which has significantly reduced the crime rate. Karachi is safe for foreigners and tourists, but there is still a danger of violence in some areas.

What is unique about Karachi?

Karachi serves as the city with the two largest ports on its harbor, named Port of Karachi and Port Qassim. It is a metropolitan city. Therefore, the international airlines reside at the Karachi airport, making it a crowded place, making it the busiest airport of Pakistan.


There are many cities around the globe, among which Karachi holds global recognition due to its cultural festivals and historical background. There are many landmarks and places to visit to explore and get the image of Pakistan within the bounds of one city. The improvements for better tourism and development of the town make it overall seeing worthy and safe for both foreigners and locals.

This was our brief guide on places to visit in Karachi, if you want to add more places let us know in the comments.