Pakistan is one of the most famous lands for tourism, as the country is blessed with natural scenic beauty that gets the attention of local and overseas tourists from around the world. If you ask visitors who come from the other parts of the world will tell you about the remarkable adventurous places, historical sites, and cultural values.

Unfortunately, the last two decades brought serious critics to the tourism industry of Pakistan because of terror attacks in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The situation got worst when Pakistan was dragged into the US-Afghan war that damaged the image of the country on international forums. Thankfully, the situation is now clear and the land has become safe for tourists who come to spend quality time with their loved ones in all seasons.

The tourism industry of Pakistan has earned an admirable reputation because of attractive places like Swat, Murree, Azad Kashmir, Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit, and many more. Among all the famous places in Pakistan, we’ll take a look at the best places to visit in Swat.

Swat is located in the Malakand Division in KPK, Pakistan. You can find Swat Valley in the northeastern part of the province that is also known as the Switzerland of East. To know more about the beautiful places of Swat, here we go with some of the best swat tourism places!

1. Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is located in the upper district of KPK that has a height of 8500 ft. The Valley is famous for its foggy weather, waterfalls, and eye-catching streams that always get the attention of tourists. Every year, tourists from other parts of the country come to enjoy camping because greenery and cool weather make Kumrat Valley an amazing place.

Kumrat Valley

Further, the forests and the river Panjkora are the beauty of this region that adds fun to camping activities. Besides lush greenery and adorable scenic beauty, you can find resorts in the Valley that can provide you peace of mind when you are tired. The Valley is captured with beautiful places including Jahaz Banda, Do Kala Chashma, trek to Katora Lake, and Badagoi Pass.

2. Kalam Valley

Kalam Valley is one of the best spots of Swat that is almost 99 km away from Swat Valley. The river of Swat is the real beauty of this Valley that also captures the richly green hills. Whenever you look at the places to visit in Swat, you can find Kalam Valley the best place to visit.

Kalam valley

The time between April to September is the best to visit this Valley because of pleasant weather. You can’t enjoy winter because winter remains harsh for tourists, this is why they plan to visit in Summer.

The valley has a height of 2001 m that makes it more beautiful. Some of the famous places of Kalam Valley are Utror, Gabral, and Matiltan, etc. As far as activities are concerned, tourists do hiking and fishing to make the time memorable.

3. Malam Jabba

If you want to see nature’s beauty from sky heights, Malam Jabba is a perfect ski resort in Pakistan that has a height of 2804 meters. Malam Jabba is one of the most famous hill stations of Swat Valley surrounded by the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. If you are looking for fun and entertainment, then nothing beats skiing.

Malam Jabba

The place is full of adventures for young tourists because of its mountain range and dense forests. Malam Jabba is known as a skier’s paradise, so the summer season is the best time to visit Malam Jabba. Tourists also find winter sporting activities that keep them busy and happy in the ski resort.

4. Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif is the capital city of Swat situated in KPK. The city has a height of 970 m and the weather remains cool in summer and chill in winter. The month of March is best to visit this city.

Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif always gets the attention of visitors because of wonderful historical places like the Royal Palace and the tomb of Saidu Sharif. Swat museum is also the favorite place of visitors where they can see rich antiques of Gandhara art and Buddhist statues.

All the administrative matters of Swat are operated in Saidu Sharif, even the local flights from Islamabad also come to this city for tourism.

5. Mahudand Lake

Mahudand Lake is attractive and the most visited place in Swat Valley. If you look at the best places to visit in Swat, you always come across Mahudand Lake exactly located in the Ushio Valley of Kalam.

Mahudand Lake

The Lake is surrounded by Hindu Kush mountains that provide a beautiful view of green meadows. Further, midsummer is the best time to visit this Lake, as winter remains jam-packed with visitors and road blockage is a common problem in snow.

6. Mingora

Mingora is the city of the Swat District of KPK, Pakistan. The city is the third-largest city in KPK and the 26th in Pakistan. The city is famous for several reasons, where you can find normal life covering social, economic, and cultural factors.

People come to stay in luxury hotels and eat delicious meals along with their families. The city has a height of 984 m and the temperature remains cool.


7. Bahrain

Bahrain is a famous riverside hill station in Swat Valley, where temperatures remain cold in winter and hot in summer. The beauty of the hill station is the merging of two rivers in one place.

For camping, the place is ideal because tourists love to spend nights in Bahrain, as the nights are cool because of the Swat river. For hoteling and staying purposes, the place always gets the attention of tourists.


8. Madyan

Madyan is a famous hill station located at the height of 1320 m in Swat. The hill station looks gorgeous because of the Swat River that magnificently captures the city.

Further, tourists spend hassle-free nights in Madyan hotels and enjoy delicious sea fish. No doubt, trout fish is the specialty of this hill station that makes people crazy for seafood.