Shah Allah Ditta caves are more than 700 years old relics of Buddhists and mughal rulers. The archaeological site is a popular tourist destination in Shah Allah Ditta Village.Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and is full of captivating beauty. There are lots of things to do in Islamabad.

Among all the other destinations, a very famous and ancient site named Shah Allah Ditta Caves is also located in Islamabad.Shah Allah Dita Caves are located near the tomb of Shah Allah Dita at the foothills of the Margalla Hills. These caves are a popular tourist destination and archaeological sites in Islamabad.

History of Shah Allah Ditta Caves 

The site is named after a sufi saint Shah Allah Ditta, a Dervish at the times of Mughal era. The Village Shah Allah Ditta is 700 years old and was used as a route from Kabul to Gandhara by Alexander and Sher Shah Suri. Shah Allah Dita caves are also ancient sites and consist of relics of the Buddhist era.

Buddhists use this site for meditation.The sculptures and rock carvings strongly depict the buddhist deities and symbols.The caves also consist of  a temple used by the Hindus after the Buddhists. After the arrival of the Mughals, a mosque was also built there.

So, it will not be wrong to say that Shah Allah Dita caves are a great place for research and history of religions.

Things to do at Shah Allah Ditta Caves

 These caves offer various activities according to the interest of people. People interested in History can explore the amazing history of the different religions and the culture of the Mughals.

Moreover, these caves are excellent sites for researchers interested in archeological sites.

Shah Allah Dita caves are also famous due to the natural scenic views of the Margalla Hills. Several other places to visit in Islamabad near Shah Allah Dita caves include the Historical Faisal Mosque, Daman e Koh, Taxila Museum and various cultural sites.

For food lovers, there are the best hotels in Islamabad offering delicious foods of all kinds with outdoor locations to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.

Another good thing for Islamabad is that, the G-13 & G-14 sectors of Islamabad soon get water from the reservoirs of Shah Allah Ditta.


Shah Allah Ditta caves is a famous tourist attraction and historical site. The site depicts the history of Buddhists and Mughal rulers. Moreover, the stunning beauty of the Margalla Hills can also be viewed from the Shah Allah Ditta caves.

The site is great for people having historical and archaeological interests.