There are many hotels in Shogran that you can choose from when planning your vacation to Pakistan’s small and mountainous district.

Still, only 10 of these accommodations have earned the designation of being among the best hotels in Shogran, according to travelers like you who have stayed at them in the past.

This guide highlights each of these top 10 hotels in Shogran, providing you with everything from their benefits and amenities to what other travelers had to say about their experiences there.

1. Pine Park Hotels & Resorts

Located at one of Pakistan’s most beautiful valleys, Pine Park Hotel and Resorts is a hub for all those looking to experience Pakistani hospitality, with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Pine Park Hotels & Resorts

If you are looking for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life, head to Shogran.

The hotel also has an extensive spa that boasts expert masseurs, perfect if you want to soothe those tired muscles after a long day on your feet.

Why should you stay here?

What makes it unique? One thing that sets Pine Park apart from other hotels is its restaurant, serving up traditional Pakistani cuisine, including delectable local dishes.

The hotel also boasts an outdoor pool and sauna for those who want to relax, perfect if you are looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet.

Rate: PKR 3800

2. Lalazar Family Resort – Best 4 Star Hotel

The Lalazar Family Resort is a four-star hotel located in Shogran, Pakistan.

Lalazar Family Resort

The hotel offers rooms and suites with cable television, private balconies, and views of two outdoor pools or green landscapes. Complimentary breakfast is served daily to guests in their rooms or lounge seating on resort grounds.

Why Should You Stay Here?

It is a popular base for visitors to make day trips to local attractions like valleys and peaks, walking trails, waterfalls, and lakes. The rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable with mountain views.

Rate: PKR 14500

3. Hotel Serenity – Best 3 Star Hotel

If you’re looking for a serene, quiet getaway, then Hotel Serenity is a great option. Set atop a cliff overlooking beautiful mountains, Hotel Serenity has luxury rooms with high-end amenities and fantastic views.

Hotel Serenity

If you are looking to truly escape it all while staying connected to all of your electronic devices, book yourself into one of their luxury suites and enjoy modern comforts with access to free WiFi throughout your stay.

With all of these great options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The top hotels in Shogren are sure to make your stay a memorable one. Be sure to book before it’s too late.

Why should you stay here?

This is one of the top-rated hotels in all of Shogran. The luxury rooms are unique and are available at affordable prices for any budget. The staff is polite and accommodating!

I stayed for three days with my family and never had an issue.

If you are looking to get away from it all but still want access to modern comforts like free WiFi throughout your entire stay, Hotel Serenity will do just that.

Rate: PKR 9091

4. Fridays Hotel

Friday’s Hotel is a 3-star hotel located within walking distance from Shogran lakeside.

It features a restaurant and a garden. WiFi access is available throughout. The elegant rooms include satellite TV and tea/coffee facilities.

Fridays Hotel

A continental breakfast is served daily in Friday’s Restaurant. Friday’s hotel services include safe deposit boxes, laundry service, doctor on call, and 24-hour front desk assistance.

Why should you stay in this Hotel?

Rooms at Friday’s Hotel feature a shower, a TV with satellite channels, and a private bathroom. The guestrooms also have an electric kettle and a dining area.

Rate: PKR 8743

5. Hill Top Hotel, Shogran

Hill Top Hotel offers basic accommodations but with a bit of luxury. Each room has comfortable seating areas for relaxing after a long day of hiking or sightseeing.

Internet access is available, and satellite TV so that you can relax during your downtime.

Hill top hotel

Guests can dine at one of two restaurants or use a kitchenette for cooking meals themselves. Staff members are friendly and provide excellent customer service.

The best thing about staying here is that it is very affordable, even cheap, so if money’s tight, you will not feel any guilt about booking a night or two here instead of splurging on an overpriced hotel elsewhere.

Why should you stay here?

The main reason for staying at Hill Top Hotel is its location. If money’s tight, it is an excellent place to get some well-deserved relaxation without draining your budget.

Also, since it is not listed on any significant websites, booking here will ensure you can enjoy a quiet vacation free from other tourists who may be crowding more popular places.

Rate: PKR 11697

6. Green Park Hotel Shogran – Best Affordable

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Shogran, Green Park Hotel Shogran is your destination. Featuring a lush garden, meeting rooms, and an outdoor pool, it is a great base from which to explore.

The hotel also offers laundry services. As with all budget accommodations, some of its amenities may be outdated.

Green Park Hotel

That said, if what you want is an inexpensive room within proximity of other nearby attractions, look no further than Green Park Hotel Shogran.

Guest rooms offer private balconies or patios; all feature basic bathroom facilities and TVs with DVD players. The property features free Wi-Fi throughout as well as free parking on site.

Why should you stay here?

If you want to pay for a cheap hotel and not have any extravagant amenities, Green Park Hotel Shogran is an ideal choice.

The price is right, and there are not many more affordable hotels that offer some of its amenities. Plus, if what you want to do is be outside, enjoy nearby attractions, or chill out by one of its pools, it’s a fantastic option.

Rate: PKR 7871

7. Tourist Inn Hotel

The Tourist Inn is a beautiful cheap hotel in Shogran, Pakistan. It is located within easy walking distance to shops and restaurants, and there is also a jeep stop close by from which you can catch jeeps to nearby locations on both sides of Shogran.

The rooms are clean and reasonably priced for what you get. It is one of my favorite places to stay when traveling to or from Shogran as it’s one of my favorite destinations.

You will not find any frills here, but it is one of those no-nonsense spots that does precisely what it promises, ones at an affordable price.

If you want something no-fuss that will not break your bank, the Tourist Inn will do just fine. Be sure to book ahead, though, because rooms go quickly here, especially during holidays and weekends when traffic is high.

Why should you stay here?

When looking for a cheap room, location is usually your number one concern. With its prime spot near restaurants and shops, you won’t have to walk far to find just about anything you need. And there is easy access to transportation too.

Rate: PKR 6000

8. Pine View Hotel – Best Expensive Hotel

Pine View Hotel is a peaceful retreat located inside a forest of pine trees just outside of Shogran.

It is only 3 hours away from excellent Paaye Meadows. The hotel features complimentary breakfast every morning, wi-fi access, and a swimming pool for its guests to enjoy.

One downside to staying at Pine View Hotel is that there are no restaurants or food available within walking distance.

Pine View Hotel

However, they have an electric kettle with tea bags and coffee packets available if you would d like something other than their provided breakfast.

Pine View Hotel can provide a car service around town if needed at an additional cost in terms of transportation.

Why should you stay here?

The staff was very friendly and helpful, especially considering they did not speak much English.
Although we stayed in one of their less expensive rooms, it was still very comfortable and clean and had all of our needs met.

Rate: PKR 18745

9. Arcadian Sprucewoods – Best For Family Stay

Arcadian Sprucewoods is located in the beautiful valley of Shogran, making it a convenient option for those staying on vacation.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, head to Arcadian Sprucewoods. The hotel offers fireplaces and has gardens that are perfect for wandering through while you enjoy your stay.

Arcadian Sprucewoods

Most rooms offer garden views and they all have fireplaces, balconies and some have fantastic views of Shogran Valley.

There are also plenty of activities available nearby. See what Arcadian Sprucewoods can offer you during your time in the scenic valley of Shogran.

Why should you stay here?

There are several reasons why Arcadian Sprucewoods is one of our top picks. The location is excellent, making it convenient for exploring Shogran Valley.

Guests will love taking walks through the beautiful gardens, strolling by fireplaces, and enjoying a relaxing night at their hotel.

Rate: PKR 18180

10. Cedarwood Resort

Located outside of Shogran and surrounded by a forest, Cedarwood is one of Pakistan’s premier hotels. It boasts a breathtaking mountain view, a picturesque landscape, and high-quality accommodation.

If you are planning on visiting this valley soon and are looking for a place to stay during your visit to Shogran, we highly recommend that you look into staying at Cedarwood.

Their staff is amiable and helpful. Every person at every level knows how to provide exemplary service.

Cedarwood Resort

And even though it may be slightly more expensive than other accommodations in town, it offers significantly better value for money. Not just because of its striking design and gorgeous natural setting but also because their food is fantastic.

Why should you stay here?

Location and surrounding area
Design of Hotel (decorations, etc.)
Quality of food provided by the hotel

Rate: PKR 14500

Best Hotels in Shogran FAQs

How many hotels are in Shogran?

Shogran is a popular tourist destination with many hotels to choose from. There are nearly 100 hotels nearby, most conveniently located near the valleys main attractions.

What hotels do travelers like in Shogran?

To find out what hotels travelers prefer in Shogran, we have to consider who might be traveling. If you’re an avid traveler, then there’s a good chance you want a hotel with many different amenities and a decent WiFi connection.

Wrapping Up!

Shogran is a fantastic place to visit, and it has some of the best hotels in the world. From luxurious resorts to budget hotels, the hotels in Shogran have it all.

From beautiful scenery to great amenities, there is no reason not to visit Shogran. Check out our list of top hotels in KalamNaran, and Hunza as well.