Terms & Conditions

Website and mobile applications resources of Pakrism are located at www.Pakrism.pk and relevant domains (including related sub-domains), related software applications (sometimes referred to as “apps”), info, SMS, APIs, e-mail, chat and telephone communications, buttons, widgets, and advertising (collectively, all of these things are referred to herein as “Services”, “More precisely, the blogs and mobile assets of Pakrism are referred to from now on as “websites”). Services are given to you subject to your approval (collectively, this ‘Agreement’) of the terms, conditions, and notes set out below. You consent to be bound by this Arrangement and to represent that you have read and accepted its terms by using or using the Facilities.

Please read these Terms and conditions carefully, as it provides specifics of your legal rights and limits on those rights, as well as a section on the relevant law and jurisdiction of disputes. You are not allowed to use the Facilities if you do not adhere to any of these Terms and Conditions. You will do that at any point by closing your account and no longer using or using the Facilities if you have a Pakrism account and plan to cancel this Arrangement (Contact Support).

Content means any information, text, links, images, images, audio, video data, code, or other materials or arrangements of materials that you can display, connect, or otherwise communicate with through the Services. Pakrism, a Travel Platform for tourists based in Pakistan (“Pakrism”), refers to the words “we”, “us”, “our”, and “Pakrism”. “As described above, “services apply to those offered by Pakrism. The websites are both managed and operated by Pakrism for the avoidance of doubt. However certain unique services made accessible via the portals may be collected and driven by corporate associates of Pakrism.

The term “you” refers to the user, company, business group, or other legal entity utilizing and providing material to the Services. “The content that you contribute, submit, transmit and post to or through the Services is referred to in different ways as “your content,” “your Content, or “you submit Content.

Products shall be given exclusively to:

A. Assist clients in collecting travel material, uploading material, and looking for travel information and travel guide; and

B. Assist travel, leisure, and hospitality firms with the free and charged services provided by or by Pakrism companies to connect with consumers and prospective customers.

In compliance with the terms and conditions herein, we will amend or otherwise alter this agreement in the future, and you understand and agree that your continued subscription to or use of the Services following such change means your approval of the amended or changed Agreement. We will note at the bottom of this Agreement the date on which revisions to this Agreement were last made, and any revisions will take place upon posting. We will alert registered users of our Services (‘Account Holders’) of any material modifications to these Terms and Conditions by either submitting a note to the email address associated with the profile of the Account Holder or by publishing a notice on our websites. To check the most updated edition of this Arrangement, please make sure to return to this page regularly.

Using the Services

As a result of your use of the Services, you require that

  • All information given to Pakrism Companies through the Services is valid, correct, current and total,
  • if you are an Account Manager, you will safeguard your account information and supervise and be entirely liable to someone other than you for the use of your account.
  • To apply for an account, access the Services and link to our websites, you must be 13 years of age or older (in some states, state legislation may include a more senior age requirement) and
  • You have the lawful authority to enter into this Arrangement and use the Services, including our websites, in compliance with all terms and conditions herein.
  • The Pakrism businesses do not consciously gather the data of someone under the age of 13 years. We retain the right, at our absolute discretion, to refuse any person at any time and for any cause whatsoever, access to the Facilities, including but not limited to in breach of this Agreement.
  • You agree that you are entirely responsible for all material you share with Pakrism Businesses when using the Services, including any goods or services that allow the exchange of content on or from third-party sites.
  • You can access the Services only as planned and as allowed under this Agreement, via the supported functionality of the Services.
  • Without the prior written consent of Pakrism Companies, the copying, transfer, replication, reproduction, publishing, or dissemination of
  • Material or some part thereof and
  • The Facilities, more broadly, is strictly forbidden.

For authorization requests, please guide your request to:

Office no. 34, 5th Floor
Mediacom Trade City Plaza, Kohinoor City,
Faisalabad, Punjab

  • You would need to become an account holder by building an account to use these functions of the services.
  • You must have full and correct details when you build an account.
  • You are entirely responsible, including your contact and correspondence with others for the conduct that takes place on your account and you must protect your account. To this end, you agree to keep your contact details up to date if you are an Account Holder.
  • If on behalf of a corporation, association, or other legal body, you create a Pakrism account for commercial purposes and endorse this Agreement, you reflect and warrant that you are allowed to do so and have the right to attach such entity to this Agreement, in which case the words “you” and “your” as used in this Agreement shall apply to such entity and the actual acting entity.
  • You can find connections to third-party sites and apps or communicate with third-party sites and apps by using the Services. This could include the option to share information, including your content, from the Platforms with third-party sites and applications.
  • Please be mindful that such shared material can be publicly viewed via third-party platforms and applications. Those third parties can charge a fee for the use on or by their websites of some material or services offered.
  • Therefore, before dealing with any agreement with any third party to decide if a bill would be incurred, you can carry out whatever inquiry you believe is required or acceptable. Where Pakrism entities give specifics of payments or costs for other material or services of third parties, such information shall be provided strictly for convenience and for information purposes.
  • Any communications with websites and software by third parties are at your own risk.
  • You expressly accept and consent that all other third-party websites or applications are in no way accountable or liable to the Pakrism Firms.
  • Any information that you display or otherwise view is used for commercial reasons on or via the Platforms.
  • You accept and acknowledge that Pakrism companies may put advertisements and promotions on the Services close to, near, adjacent, or otherwise close to your Content (including, before after, or after its presentation for video or other dynamic content), as well as the Content of others.

Additional Products

From time to time, the Pakrism companies may plan to alter, upgrade, or discontinue some products and features of the Services. You agree and accept that, except to the degree specified by relevant legislation, Pakrism businesses have no responsibility to preserve or retain your material or any information given by you.

We often provide other facilities that may be subject to additional requirements or agreements. When you use any programs of this kind, different conditions may be made available and form part of this Arrangement, unless those other terms clearly prohibit or otherwise supersede this Agreement. For example, you must adhere to the relevant additional conditions if you use or buy those additional services for commercial or business purposes. To the degree that any other provisions conflict with the terms and conditions of this Arrangement, the additional terms shall, in respect of particular individual facilities, regulate the extent of the dispute.

Forbidden Activities

The Content and information accessible on and through the Platforms (including but not limited to, communications, data, text, music, audio, images, graphics, video, charts, icons, software, code, or other material) and the infrastructure used for the distribution of such Content and Information shall be the property of or licensed by third parties to the Pakrism Companies. You agree not to alter otherwise, copy, share, send, view, execute, replicate, print, license, create derivative works from, pass or sell or resell any material, software, goods, or services accessed through or through the Services for any Content other than Your Content. In addition, you, therefore, promise not to:

  • Usage of the Services or Material for any commercial purpose other than those expressly approved for commercial purposes under this Arrangement and the associated rules made available by the Pakrism Companies;
  • Access, track, replicate, send, transmit, broadcast, view, sell, authorize, copy, or otherwise abuse any Service Content, including but not limited to, user profiles and images, by any automatic robot, spider, scraper, or other means, or by any manual mechanism for any purpose not provided for in this Agreement or without our express written permission;
  • Violate the constraints imposed on the Services in any robot exclusion headers or bypass or circumvent other mechanisms used to block or limit access to the Services;
  • Take any action which at our discretion, imposes or may impose an unfair or excessively high load on our infrastructure;
  • Deep-link for any reason to any section of the Services without our express written permission;
  • The “mirror” frame or otherwise insert some aspect of the Services without our prior written permission into any other website or service;
  • Attempt to alter, decode, modify, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software program used in conjunction with the Services by the Pakrism Companies;
  • Evading, disabling, or otherwise interfering with the Services’ security-related features or features that prohibit or limit the use or copying of any Content; or
  • Until it is specifically made available for download by the Pakrism businesses, download any content.
  • Host, use, copy, alter, function, adapt, interpret, distribute, write, build derivative works from, and public view and execute your Content worldwide in any medium that is now recognized or subsequently devised;

Disclosures and Privacy Policies

Information relating to our Privacy Policies, and any personal information you share on or otherwise send following the Services will be used. Access our Privacy Policy.

Stories, Photos, Experiences, Comments, and Use of Other Digital Areas; Grant License

We’re grateful to hear from you. Please note that through sending your Content to or via the Services, whether through email, posting via some synchronization system of Pakrism, via the services and applications of others, or otherwise, including all of your Content transmitted to your Pakrism account through any product or service of Pakrism Firms, ratings, queries, photos or albums, questions, answers, stories, experiences, recommendations, suggestions, You grant a non-exclusive, royalty-free, permanent, transferable, irrevocable and sublicensable right to Pakrism Companies to Render the Material open to the rest of the world and encourage you to do the same.

To offer, support, and develop the Services and to make your Content shared on the Services accessible to other businesses, organizations, or individuals, subject to our Privacy Policy and this Arrangement, for the syndication, dissemination, delivery, promotion, or publishing of your Content on other media and services; and
You are using the name and trademark that you apply to your Content. You accept that at our discretion, Pakrism can want to credit your Content. Besides, you give the Pakrism Companies the right to prosecute any individual or organization that breaches the privileges of your or the Pakrism Companies in your Material through infringing this Arrangement through statute. You understand and accept that the Material is non-proprietary and non-confidential. You reflect and warrant that you hold or have the requisite permits, privileges (including copyright and other proprietary rights), approvals, and permissions to publish and otherwise use (except to publish and otherwise use) your Material by Pakrism Companies as allowed under this Agreement.

Whether it is determined that you maintain moral rights (including rights of attribution or integrity) in your Material, you now declare that you retain moral rights (including rights of attribution or integrity) in your Content, to the degree allowed by applicable statute,

You do not allow that any personally identifiable material, or any derivative works or enhancements or modifications thereof, be used in conjunction with the Content;

You have no opposition to the Pakrism Firms or their licensees, heirs, and assignors disclosing, using, altering, deleting, and manipulating your Content;
You forever waive and consent not to invoke or assert any right in any of your Material to any moral rights of an author; and

You free the Pakrism Companies and their licensees, heirs, and assigns indefinitely from all arguments that you might otherwise assert under any other moral protection against the Pakrism Companies.

Notice that any input and other recommendations you provide can be used at any time, and we are under no duty to keep them private.

The Resources may include comment groups, bulletin boards, rating services, travel feeds, or other forums where the Content may be shared, such as travel experience reports, messages, materials, or other products (“Interactive Areas”). If Pakrism offers websites with such Interactive Areas, you are entirely accountable for the use of these Interactive Areas and their use at your own risk. Pakrism Organizations do not promise any anonymity about any of the information you deliver to the Services or any Digital Region. To the extent that any entity belonging to Pakrism provides any private channel of communication between account holders, you accept that such entities can control the Content of such communications to help safeguard our community and the services. You acknowledge that user messages sent to or transmitted through the Services. Any chat rooms, bulletin boards, or other contact forums, are not edited or managed by Pakrism Entities and would not be accountable or liable for such messaging in any manner. Pakrism does not edit or monitor the Content of users that is posted on the websites.

Nevertheless, Pakrism Companies reserve the right to delete from the Sites, without warning, all other messaging or other Material, whether they assume in good conscience that such Content infringes this Agreement or if they believe otherwise that removal is reasonably appropriate to protect the interests of Pakrism Companies and other users of the Services. If you disagree with the removal of your website Content, you can use the Support Center to contact Pakrism to object. When using any digital areas, you expressly consent only to apply your Material that complies with the written rules of Pakrism, since they are in effect at the time of submission and made available by Pakrism to you.

You consent not to write, upload, transmit, distribute, store, build, or otherwise publish any of your Content via the Services that:

  • Fake, illegal, deceptive, libelous, defamatory, offensive, pornographic, inappropriate, vulgar, provocative, bullying, threatening, infringing on the freedom to privacy or advertising, violent, inflammatory, false, or otherwise objectionable;
  • Is harmful to the online community, such as encouraging bigotry, intolerance, hostility, or physical damage of some kind toward any group or person;
  • It may constitute, facilitate, promote, or include guidance for the execution of an unlawful operation, a criminal, offense, giving rise to civil liability, infringe any party’s rights in any jurisdiction in the world, or otherwise establish liability or infringe any municipal, federal, national or international law, including, without restriction, Pakistan and/or U.S. law.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or other laws, including but not limited to, of any securities exchange, The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the London Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ;
  • Provides educational material on criminal activity such as the manufacturing or procurement of illegal weapons, violation of the privacy of another, or the provision or development of computer viruses;
  • Any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual or proprietary property of any party may be violated. In specific material that encourages an unlawful or illegitimate copy of the copyrighted work of another, such as the provision of or links to pirated computer programs, the provision of information to bypass copy-protection systems developed by the producer, or the provision of pirated music or links to pirated music files;
  • Constitute “spamming,” “junk mail,” “chain letters” or “pyramid schemes” for bulk mailings;
  • Impersonates any individual or entity or misrepresents your association with an individual or entity, like Pakrism firms, in any other way;
  • This is any third party’s private records, including but not limited to, names, telephone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers. Note that the surname (family name) of an individual can be posted on our websites, but only if prior express permission has been obtained from the named individual;
  • Contains access websites, or secret pages or photos (those not connected to or from any open page), limited or password only;
  • Include or encourage viruses, infected data, or other files that are dangerous, disruptive, or destructive;
  • Is not related to the topic(s) of the Digital Area(s) in which such material is posted, or is not associated with the topics

In Pakrism’s sole opinion, infringes the preceding subsections herein, breaches the relevant rules of Pakrism as made accessible to you by Pakrism, is objectionable, prohibits or forbids any other person from accessing or enjoying the Interactive Areas or any other part of the Services, or could expose any of the Pakrism Companies or their users to some damage or liability.

Pakrism Companies take no responsibility for, or for any malfunction or harm to any Material written, stored, distributed or uploaded to the Services by you in the case of your Content) or any third party (in the case of any Content in general), nor are Pakrism Companies responsible for any defects, slander, defamation, libel, omissions, falsehoods, As an immersive service provider, Pakrism is not responsible for any statements, representations or other material on the websites or any other platform created by its users (including your Content). Although Pakrism is under no obligation to screen, edit or track any of the Content posted to or transmitted through any Interactive Region, Pakrism retains the right, and has full control, to delete, access, interpret or alter, without warning, any Content posted or stored on the Sites at any time and for any reason whatsoever, or to execute such acts on behalf of third parties. You are entirely responsible for making backup copies and replacing any Content that you upload or otherwise send to us or store on the Site.

The use of the Interactive Areas or other parts of the Services over the above breaches the provisions of this Agreement which can result in the rights to use the Interactive Areas and the Services more broadly being revoked or withdrawn, among other items.

Restricting the License Privileges of Pakrism

You may choose to limit the use of your Material by Pakrism Companies under this Arrangement (as stated above) on a forward-looking basis by choosing to provide Pakrism Companies with a more limited license as described below (such a limited license to be referred to herein as a ‘Restricted License’). By choosing such a restricted license grant here, you can make this option (note that to do so you shall need to be logged into your account). If you make this decision, the privileges given to your Content by Pakrism Companies under the licensing terms set out above (referred to as the ‘Standard License’) shall be restricted in specific essential ways listed explicitly below in paragraphs 1 to 6, so that Pakrism Companies shall not possess a Standard License for any of your Content other than text-based ratings and reviews and a Standard License, (as to which a Regular License will continue to be issued to Pakrism Companies), but a ‘Limited License’ as to the balance of your Content as specified below shall be granted:

  • The license you give to Pakrism Companies of Your Content when you upload your Content on the Services shall be limited to a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, and worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, replicate, view or execute publicly, translate and construct derivative works of your Content for the purpose of showing them on the Services. Subject to Paragraph 6 below the Restricted License applies to all of the Material made available on or in conjunction with the Platforms (again, other than text-related feedback and corresponding bubble ratings) by you or someone on your behalf (e.g. a third party who contributes to or otherwise maintains your account).
  • You will terminate the license rights of the Pakrism Firms hereunder for any particular item of your Material subject to the Restricted License by removing that post from the Services. Correspondingly, you can terminate the license rights of Pakrism Companies in all of your Restricted License Content by terminating your account (a description of how to do so is available here).
  • Notwithstanding something to the contrary, your Material shall stay on the Services to the degree that you exchanged it with others and copied it or saved it before deleting it or terminating your account, and may continue to be shown on the Services for a fair amount of time after deleting it or terminating your account as we seek to remove it, and/or for a reasonable amount of time after deleting it or terminating your account as we seek to remove it.
  • It can be kept (but not publicly displayed) in backup copy form for a period of time for technological, fraud moderation, regulatory or legal purposes.
    Without your separate permission (including supporting material), the Pakrism Companies may not use your Content in advertising for third-party goods and services to others unless you accept and understand that the Pakrism Companies may put advertisements and promotions on the Services in close proximity to, closer, adjacent or otherwise close to your Content (including for video or otherwise). We shall have attribution in all cases in which your work is shown on the Platforms, by using the name and/or trademark that you apply in association with your Content.

Pakrism Organizations shall not award third parties the right to distribute your material outside the Facilities. Sharing your Content on the Platforms would, however, make your Content “public” and we will enable a function that enables other users to share it with others. Such content of yours on third-party services (by embedding the public post or otherwise) and we will encourage search engines to make your public content discoverable through their services.

Except as amended by paragraphs 1 to 6 of this section of this Agreement, the rest of the provisions of this Agreement shall remain subject to your and our rights and obligations. As amended by these subsections 1-6, the license you issue to Pakrism Firms shall be referred to as a ‘Limited License.’
For the sake of clarification, the Content sent to the Services in accordance with the services or systems of other Pakrism Entities shall not be subject to the Restricted License but shall be regulated by the terms and conditions connected with that particular service or software of Pakrism.

Liability Disclaimer

Please read this section carefully. This section restricts the liability of Pakrism firms to you for concerns that might help in conjunction with the usage of the facilities. If you do not understand the language in this section or elsewhere in this agreement, please contact a lawyer for guidance for accessing, in this section, or accessing or uses.

Details, applications, goods, and services reported on or otherwise delivered by the services contain inaccuracies or errors. Companies do not guarantee the authenticity of and disclaim all responsibility for, any mistakes or other inaccuracies about the information and photographs. Also, the Pakrism firms expressly reserve the right to correct any disclaimer and information mistakes on the uploaded content.

Pakrism makes no statements of the suitability of the facilities, including the details found on its websites or any portion of Pakrism. Inclusion or offering of any goods or services offered on its platforms or elsewhere through the services does not constitute any support or suggestion of such products or service offerings, not with any awards distributed based on user feedback. All content, applications, goods, and service offerings made available through or through the services are delivered ‘as is without warranty of any sort. Pakrism disclaims any guarantees, limitations, or other terms of any kind in which the services, its servers, or any data (including email) are free of viruses or other hazardous components. To the full degree permissible under applicable law, Pakrism at this moment disclaims all warranties and conditions about this material, software, goods, and services, including all implied warranties and conditions or terms of any sort as to merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, title, quiet possession and noninverting.

Often expressly deny any warranty, representation, or another word of any sort as to the quality or proprietary character of the content available through and through the services of the Pakrism businesses.

if the Pakrism companies are considered responsible for any loss or harm arising out of or in any manner associated with your use of the services, the responsibility of the Pakrism companies shall in no case equal, in the aggregate, the greater the liability of the Pakrism companies

The restriction of obligation represents the risk allocation between the parties. The conditions set out in this section will continue and extend even if it is found that any limited solution provided in these terms has failed to serve its critical intent. The restrictions of obligation given in these terms are to the advantage of the companies of Pakrism.

These terms and conditions and preceding liability disclaimer do not affect mandatory legal protections that cannot be omitted in some countries by applicable legislation, for example, under consumer protection laws.

If the law of the country where you reside does not allow any specific restriction or waiver of liability provided for in this section, the limitation will not extend. The liability disclaimer will otherwise apply to the fullest degree under state law.


You consent to protect and indemnify Pakrism Firms and all of its officers, directors, staff, and agents against all claims, causes of action, proceedings, recoveries, injuries, damages, fines, penalties, or other costs or expenses of some sort or nature, including but not limited to fair litigation and accounting services, incurred by third parties as a result of:

Infringement of this Arrangement or the records referred to herein by you;
Your infringement of any law or rights of a third party; or your breach of any statute or rights of a third party;
Usage of the Services, and blogs of the Pakrism Firms.

Links to Third-Party Sites

Hyperlinks to websites run by parties other than Pakrism can be found in the Services. For your reference, only such hyperlinks are given. These websites are not regulated by Pakrism organizations and are not responsible for their content or the privacy or other policies of such websites. Besides, it is up to you to take care to ensure that any links you choose or applications you download (whether from this or some other website) is free of things of a destructive nature, such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, defects and other items. The use of hyperlinks to such websites by the Pakrism Firms does not mean any sponsorship of content on the websites or applications of such third parties or any affiliation with their operators.

In some instances, you will be asked to connect your Pakrism account profile to a profile on another third-party platform via a third-party site or app. It is strictly voluntary for you to determine whether you want to do so and the decision to allow this information to be related can at any time be disabled (with the website or app of a third party). Suppose you want to connect your Pakrism account to a third-party site or app. In that case, the information you have saved in your Pakrism account, including information about other users with whom you exchange knowledge, will be accessed by the third-party site or app. The terms and conditions and privacy policies of third-party websites and applications that you access should be read by you as they have rules and permissions for how they handle your details, like our websites, that might vary from the Services. We advise you to check these websites and applications from third parties and use them at your own risk.

Software as Part of Services; Additional Mobile Licenses

You reflect and warrant by using the Facilities that you are not situated in or on any such registry under the jurisdiction of or a national or citizen of any such country.

“The Services, as noted above include Software that may sometimes be referred to as “apps. The proprietary product of Pakrism or any other party as defined is any program made available for download from the Services (‘Software’). Your use of the Software shall be regulated by the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement, if any, which accompanies or includes the Software. If you first adhere to the terms of such a license agreement, you cannot install or use any program which is followed by or requires a license agreement. We now grant you, the customer, a restricted, personal, non-transferable license to use the Software for accessing and otherwise using the Services, in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including those policies referred to herein) and for no other reason, for any Software made available for download via the Services and not accompanied by a license agreement.

Please notice that the program, including but not limited to all HTML, XML, Java code, and Active X controls found within the services, is the property or license of Pakrism and is protected under copyright and international treaty rules. Any duplication or replication of the software is strictly forbidden and can result in severe civil and criminal penalties. To the full degree practicable, violators would be charged. Portions of Pakrism mobile apps may use proprietary content that is approved by Pakrism for use. Also, the use of such Pakrism smartphone apps is subject to strict terminology. For notifications related to Pakrism mobile apps, please visit the transferable licenses tab.

Without restricting the above, copying or replication of the software to some other server or place for further reproduction or dissemination is expressly forbidden. The software is assured, if any, only according, to the terms of this license agreement or this agreement (as applicable).

Copyright and Trademark Notices

Without the prior written consent of Pakrism or the relevant trademark holder, Pakrism, the Pin logo, the reviews or experiences, stories, albums, photos, and any such product or service names or slogans shown on the Websites are licensed and common law trademarks of Pakrism and its suppliers or licensors and may not be reproduced, imitated or used in whole or in portion. Furthermore, the look and sound of the Services, including our websites, as well as all page headers, custom graphics, button icons, and related texts, are Pakrism service labels, trademarks, and business wear and cannot be replicated, imitated, or used in whole or in part without Pakrism prior written permission. The property of their respective owners shall be all other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, and corporate names or logos referred to in the Facilities. Except as otherwise given in this Agreement, any reference, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, retailer, or otherwise to any items, services, processes, or other details does not constitute or indicate endorsement, support, or suggestion by Pakrism.

All reserved rights. Pakrism shall not be liable for the content found on websites run by persons other than Pakrism.

Notice and Take-Down Policy for Illegal Content

Pakrism functions based on “notice and takedown”. Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns or objections to Content, including user comments posted on the stories, albums, etc., or if you feel that the material or Content posted on the Services infringes the copyright you own by following our notice and removal process. Pakrism will respond to legitimate and adequately substantiated reports after this protocol has been followed by making all reasonable attempts within a reasonable period to delete manifestly unlawful Content.

Modifications to The Services; Termination

These terms and conditions of this Agreement or any component thereof can be modified, inserted, or omitted by Pakrism from time to time at its absolute discretion, as we find it appropriate for lawful, general regulatory, and technological reasons or as a result of improvements to the Services rendered or to the design or layout of the Services. After that, you expressly agree to be bound by this Agreement’s terms and conditions as amended.

Pakrism companies can at any time alter, cancel or discontinue any part of the Services, including the availability of any of the functions, databases, or content of the Services. Pakrism entities can also without warning or responsibility for technical or security purposes, enforce limitations or otherwise restrict your access to any or portions of the Services to avoid unauthorized access, loss, or degradation of data or if Pakrism and its associates, in their absolute discretion, deem that you are in violation of any clause of this Agreement and, where Pakrism and its associates plan to discontinue any part of the Services being offered.

Your continued use of the facilities now, or after the posting of any other note of any revisions, would imply approval of such modifications by you.

Pakrism may cancel this Arrangement with you at any time without warning if Pakrism considers in good conscience that you have violated this Agreement or if Pakrism believes that termination is sufficiently appropriate to protect the interests of the Pakrism Companies and other users of the Services. That implies that we may avoid offering services to you.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

Pakrism, a Travel platform for Pakistan Tourism, manages and operates this website. This Arrangement shall be regulated by and read in compliance with the law of Pakistan, as well as any dispute or allegation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in conjunction with it or its subject matter or creation. You now agree to the sole jurisdiction and location of courts in Pakistan and ensure that all issues, whether contractual and non-contractual, arising out of or relating to the use of the Facilities by you or any other party are entitled to equity and ease of litigation before those courts. You accept that any arguments that you may have against Pakrism arising from or relating to the Services must be heard and settled in a court of appropriate subject matter jurisdiction. In any jurisdiction that does not give effect to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, including, without restriction, this clause, the usage of the Facilities shall not be allowed. This provision shall not limit the right of Pakrism to bring lawsuits against you in any other court or court of competent jurisdiction. The above shall not extend to the degree that the legislation existing in your country of origin allows other laws and jurisdictions to be enforced, in particular, whether you are using the Services as a customer, and this will not be exempt from the contract and where otherwise applicable, may not be regulated by Pakistan Law. You may be able to file lawsuits against Pakrism in the courts of your country of origin if you are using the Services as a customer and not as a company or business delegate. This provision is otherwise applicable to the full degree allowable in your country of citizenship or residence.

General Provisions

For any cause, without responsibility to you, we reserve the right to recover any username, account name, nickname, handle, or any other useful identifier.

You accept that as a consequence of this Arrangement or use of the Facilities, there is no joint venture, agency, association, or job relationship between you and Pakrism and its corporate affiliates.

Our execution of this Agreement is subject to applicable regulations and regulatory procedures, and nothing in this Agreement affects our ability to cooperate with law enforcement or other legislative or legal demands or conditions related to the use of the Services or to the information we supply or obtain in connection with that use. To the degree permissible by applicable statute, you accept that within two (2) years of the date from which any allegation or action occurred or accrued or such claim or cause of action is irrevocably waived, you cannot bring any claim or cause of action resulting from or relating to your access or use of the Facilities.

Suppose any portion of this Agreement, including but not limited to the warranty disclaimers and limits of liability set out above is found to be null or unenforceable under applicable law. In that case, the invalid or unenforceable clause shall be considered to be superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely corresponds to the spirit of the original condition and the remaining provisions.

This Arrangement (and all other terms and conditions referred to herein) represents the whole Services Agreement between you and Pakrism and supersedes any previous or contemporaneous correspondence and proposals between you and Pakrism, whether electronic, oral or written, to the Services. In judicial or disciplinary proceedings relying on or relating to this Agreement, a written edition of this Agreement and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible to the same degree and subject to the same conditions as all business documentation and records initially produced and retained in printed form.

Any termination of this Arrangement will continue to be subject to the sections mentioned above.

The terms and conditions of this Arrangement are available in the language of the websites and applications of Pakrism that can be used by the Services.

The websites and software on which the Resources may be viewed may not always be updated on a periodic or daily basis and are therefore not necessary to be licensed under any applicable legislation as an editorial commodity.

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