The novel coronavirus restricted many sectors including tourism which was affected across the globe. The ban on the tourism sector was imposed and many public places, including the hill stations, were closed to avoid gathering on special occasions. The ban on the tourism sector affected the economy of many nations and countries across the globe and affected millions of jobs across the globe.

The ban on tourism is expected to be lifted by 24th May 2021, as the tourism sector may operate under strict conditions and SOPs to be followed. The coronavirus effect on tourism has been observed and the conditions under which the tourism should be continued are to be observed. The continual tourism under the covid-19 restrictions is necessary for the survival of this sector to build a sustainable economy and revive the dropping rate of tourists worldwide.

Tourism is expected to be continued to assess the conditions by following a strategy under which the travelers can continue their activities safely and responsibly. The Standard Operations Procedure according to the NCOC Pakistan are defined to resume the travel and tourism activities across the country. The restrictions and conditions stated are stated below:

  • The test reports of the guests and tourists should be negative and they should be considered physically fit while carrying out their journey as a tourist.
  • Guests must submit their certified negative reports before making any hotel reservations.
  • The vaccination certificate is mandatory for hotel room reservations of guests.
  • The travelers should equip safety materials such as masks and sanitizers to avoid the spread of infection during the touring activities.

The hotel management and receptionists involved in the tourism stakeholders are also advised to operate under a set of guidelines to continue tourism activities which are:

  • Safety measures such as thermal screening of guests at staff members at entry points should be carried out. The presence of hand sanitizers and awareness material regarding the coronavirus safety measures should be displayed for public awareness.
  • Hygienic measures should be taken by the authorities within the building and vehicles should be sanitized regularly to reduce the infection spread by the interacting tourists.
  • The tourism/hotel management should be responsible to aware guests of to follow SOPs within the premises of tourism sites.
  • Social distancing should be maintained by allotting one room for two adults only along with kids.