Islamabad has been the capital of Pakistan since the 1960s. It’s a place that is a perfect combo of peace, greenery and fun!

A few climbing ways end at Daman-e-Koh, an excursion spot with an amazing view of the whole city, counting the gigantic innovator Faisal Mosque and indeed the Rawal Dam.

In between the buildings, green vegetation is scattered all over the city, making it the greenest city in the country, and the roads are clean enough.

Islamabad Highway

It is what the government imagined a capital city should be, and they went all-in with it. So this is a brief intro to Islamabad.

Without going further, here is the guide to things to do in Islamabad, Pakistan, and have fun!

Is Islamabad Worth Visiting?

It’s a place where several fun places are present that you can enjoy with your friends and family, and it’s a part of Pakistan.

It is a green city and has sources of entertainment like historical monuments or visiting the zoo to see the beautiful and precious animals. It’s a must-visit place, and you should visit it once in a lifetime.

Things to do in Islamabad Pakistan

1. Visiting Monuments

Pakistan Monument is a landmark Place in Pakistan. It highlights a special design that will capture your eyes instantly upon arrival.

The structure, which resembles petals, grandstands conventional Mughal engineering. The national landmark has chronicled importance because it symbolizes the solidarity of the Pakistani individuals.

Monuments of islamabad

Numerous courageous men and ladies yielded their lives for peace and solidarity within the country.

Once you’re done appreciating the landmark, you’ll also be able to drop by the adjacent Pakistan Monument Museum, where you can pick up bits of knowledge into what happened amid the Pakistan Movement through a collection of waxes.

2. Saunter The Beautiful Fatima Jinnah Park

It is a little smaller at 304 hectares (750 sections of land) than Modern York’sYork’s Central Stop. Michael Japero planned it, and it was introduced in 1992.

Find your way to Fatima Jinnah Stop in case you’re searching for a spot that permits you to require wonderful views—along with a quiet environment that will calm your soul and mind.

Fatima Jinnah Park

You can do everything from basically taking a walk and getting a charge out of the new discussion to flying a kite and playing tennis.

3. Visit Damn-e-Koh

Never ever skip visiting Daman-e-Koh Park, which boasts an idyllic plant sitting on a hilltop—where you’ll enjoy a loose walk.

At this stop, you’ll moreover reach a seeing point to admire the magnificent sceneries of Islamabad from high above.

damn e koh

If you come to Islamabad during winter, you will be able to spot monkeys. Some of the time, cheetahs moreover like to form an appearance as they are going down from the higher slopes.

4. Admire The Beauty of Faisal Mosque

The Shah Faisal Mosque holds a fantastic put within the Muslim community of Pakistan due to its ties with Saudi Arabia (the mosque was named after one of the kingdom’s rulers).

Faisal Mosque

Besides its religious centrality, the mosque is renowned worldwide for its architecture, which may be a flight from traditional arches and curves.

5. Meet with Beautiful Animals at the Zoo

See wild creatures and uncommon feathered creature species up near Islamabad Zoo.

Once an asylum for panthers and gazelles, the location in the long run advanced into the city’s zoo, giving an asylum for a cluster of wild creatures.

Islamabad Zoo

Bird-lovers will appreciate seeing Indian eagle-owls, white pelicans, dark swans, ostriches, steppe falcons, and green peafowl on show at the zoo.

Proceed to the warm-blooded animal walled in areas to see Indian wolves, bears, panthers, elephants, chitals, and monkeys.

6. History and culture at Lok Virsa

When going to a new goal, it is suggested that you learn a small bit almost the place’s culture and history.

Lok Virsa

Visit Lok Virsa Museum to memorize more about Islamabad’s roots. The exhibition hall highlights a broad collection of artifacts that grandstand the convention, culture, history, and how the Pakistani live their lives.

7. Centaurus Park

Shopping is something you must do when you visit someplace. Centaurus Mall is a popular shopping center in Islamabad (Government Region of Pakistan).

Centaurus Park

This shopping center is popular due to its clothing, eat focuses, get absent with family. Typically a cozy put. You’ll be able to eat mainland, Desi, Chinese, and all other nourishments from here.

8. Enjoy the Freshwater of Bruti

A chunk of heaven can be tasted at Bruti and a put endowed with rich greenery and clear blue water.

You’ll feel a bit exhausted from your enterprise, and there’s no way better than Bruti to wash the tiredness absent.


Feel free to fair drench your feet to feel immediately revived. You’reYou’re welcome to enjoy a full shower here as well.

9. Engage With Nature at Shah Allah Ditta Cave

Shah Allah Ditta, pleasant to hang out with companions and families. Has few nourishment outlets too, which serve desi nourishment beginning from breakfast to late-night BBQ.

Allah Ditta Cave

Even though a little put, Caves still include a special fascination due to their calmness.

10. Taste the Delicious Dishes at Monal

What if you’re within the center of your energizing enterprise, and starvation kicks in out of nowhere?

Worry not since Islamabad has the correct put to fill your tummy. For starters, you’ll appreciate a cheese naan or a Lahori uncommon chicken naan.

Monal Islamabad

At that point, you’ll select from an assortment of rice dishes such as chicken dum biryani and sheep dum biryani.

Along with Monal, there are different amazing restaurants you should visit when you go on an Islamabad trip.


Islamabad is a tourist-friendly place that provides tons of attractions, cafes, and biryani spots, all worth going to. It might indeed be troublesome for you to select which ones to see to begin with.

We suggest that you check out as numerous as you can—if not all—because that’s how excellent memories are made. Have a phenomenal vacation!