Swat Valley Kalam And Mahodand

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Swat Valley is a hidden jewel in Pakistan’s far north, renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse cultural traditions, and friendly locals.
Kalam and Mahodand are two of Swat Valley’s most intriguing and breathtaking landscapes.

The drive from Swat to Kalam Valley is winding and scenic, passing by quaint towns, verdant woods, and babbling brooks.

The trip from Swat to Kalam is around 99 km and takes about three hours. The Hindukush Mountains contribute to the awe-inspiring scenery as they tower over the horizon on the way to Kalam.

Kalam is a beautiful hill station located at an altitude of 6,600 feet.
Swat Valley is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful landscape, which includes several waterfalls and lush forests.

Kalam is an excellent base to explore the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

The town is a welcome escape from the oppressive heat of the plains, thanks to its location close to the surrounding snowy mountains.

However, some 35.4 km away from Kalam is the tranquil valley of Mahodand. It’s a pristine wonderland with glistening lakes, lush grasslands, and lofty mountains.

The road to Mahodand winds via beautiful landscapes, including verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, and dense woods. It takes roughly eight hours to travel 328.3 km from the capital city of Islamabad to the town of Kalam.

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